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3 year old son is "touching" girls at daycare

I went to pick up my 3 year old son from daycare today, and the director pulled me aside and told me that he has a problem touching girls in his class.  She said that the little girls told the teacher that he "touched their peepee" and when the teacher told him that was not appropriate he told her that he didn't have to listen to her.  The daycare director told me that I should take him home and reinforce the good-touch-bad-touch rules and let him know that is not appropriate behavior.
I asked my son about it on the way home, and he insists that he didn't touch anybody.  I tried to make it clear that the bathing suit area is private and he shouldn't touch ANYONE in that area and NO ONE should touch his either.  He knows, I think, that anyone who does this can get in bad trouble and hurt people. (that's exactly how I put it) He still insists that he hasn't touched anyone's peepee and got quite upset when I continued to question him.  I don't want to push him or scare him or make him feel guilty or bad so I let it drop for tonight.
Now, I love this daycare, I actually attended the same daycare as a child.  And the director has always been like a grandmother to my kids, but I am kinda getting the feeling that this particular teacher (who had problems with my older son when he was in her class) might have it out for him.  She seems to have something to say about my son's bad behavior everytime I pick him up.  I have never heard of him doing this in his previous classes, and he previous teachers have loved him.  He is a hyper kid and probably has ADHD, so maybe she just can't handle him.  I don't want to start any conflicts, but I am feeling kind of persecuted.  How worried should I be that my son could be molesting other children? How do I handle this situation?
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The fact that at 3 year old he insisted that he hadn't touched her leads me to think it may have been blown out of proportion, maybe he accidently brushed that area , who knows, I would be inclined to play it down now ,I always think a mom should go with her gut, and your feelings that this teacher may be touchy about your child would be enough for me , so why not check out other daycares in the area .Children of that age are often hyper, he may not have ADHD its best not to leap to a label when 3 year olds like to rush, race and play more .,mine were like that but in those days no labelling went on, now its the fashion .Good luck, use that energy he has in sports , games it is a fact that active children do well when they can use that energy positively get Dad involved with outside ball games .
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I would request that he be moved to another class temporarily or permanently if possible. Maybe being away from the teacher and the children will sort them problem out. Kids can also pick someone to pick on and make up all sorts of stories.

If the same thing happens in the new class, then you know to take this further and have some therapy done on your son.

Maybe it is that teacher’s class or environment that is causing this behaviour.

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