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3 years old main nutrition is pedisure and dont know how to eat

My girl is 3, unfortunately she has the strong gags reflex at age 3 months. Started out solids at 6months old was not so good, and as a first time mom, i had no idea why she was the way she was.  Gags and vomits.  By age 1 year old, still same issue with very little solids food.  It time to introduce milk.  Recommended by dr Pediasure.  We did.  That was when more milk than solids.  She will vomits on smells, taste, .look.....
   By 1.5yr old dr finally referral oc therapist. Did not help.  I had to work so i coudnt take her anymore.  By now, she is 3.  She is fully 101% pediasure. Will not try anything cause she afraid of vomits. She gags on almost anything.  As weird as seeing her baby sister drools make her gags, seeing dirty mouth.... stinky breathe, etc.    she has no idea how to chew/ eat.   She swallow and gags and vomits.  She will litterally gags , and run to the toilet to throwup.   She will vomits atleast once a week but mostly it has been once or twice a day. She is starting to be disgusted of her pediasure.  Gags if she sees it. Now sure what to do anymore. Will not try any food.  Even when she is hungry. No juice. Just water. Thats how bad it is.  Im terrified and i dont even know what to do.   HELP!!!!!!!
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Oh goodness, I'm sorry to hear this. My son had a lot of issues with chewing and gagged early on from various foods that we would give him to eat. Especially things like meat or anything that he had to work to chew on. He has something called sensory integration disorder which affects motor planning. This is something you might want to check out and even if it interferes with your work schedule to follow up on  and make sure that she gets the help that she needs. There is a book called food chaining that you can try which is written specifically for kids that have severe eating issues. My son went through a program with an occupational therapist for eating. I cut his food very small and I make it enticing and this allows him to try and eat it. I know it's scary and you want to give her the Pedia sure , However, this in the long run may not be the best idea. I would do everything in your power to force the issue of having her eat and start to chew. Motor planning issues can be affected by muscle memory. If she takes a small bite of something and does the action of chewing, this will help create muscle memory that she can use when she's eating other food. Would she be interest in a piece of gum that a small or a little piece of candy? I would try to do things just to help her learn to chew if that's the issue. But I definitely think she needs to see an occupational therapist to work on these motor planning issues. Best of luck to you
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