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3 yr old son refuses to eat by himself.

hi my son who recently turned 3 refuses to eat by himself.He just started Preschool .His teachers also complain the same that he refuses to sit during lunch time and totally refuses to eat..until he is spoon fed.

He has been recently diagnosed with slight Autism.He has always been a good eater.At the age of 1and half, he taught himself to use the spoon and fork and always ate by himself...but then he became  very picky.To help him eat more types of food..I started to spoon feed him and now he eats all types of food.But I cant get him to feed himself.He will throw tantrums and refuses to eat at all. (if i try to feed him...he will eat well).But now I am strict that he should eat by himself...and I wont feed him,(thats to help him be independent in school.)

I feel very sad when he does not eat well and goes to bed without a full dinner.

His Early intervention classes begin soon.I really hope they can guide me with training my son.

Do any one out there have suggestions of what I can do to help him be independent again- and start to eat his  meals by himself?
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It might be just a phase. My son, who is also three, went through this a while back. He's a good eater, but one day he decided he didn't want to do it himself anymore. I don't know if it is boredom or what, but he wouldn't eat unless someone fed him. Finally, I quit feeding him. There were a few times he went to bed without a full dinner, but eventually, when they are hungry, they will feed themselves again. Try to remember that toddlers won't let themselves starve and I'm sure this is just a phase for your son, too.
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Autistic kids tend to be pretty picky eaters. Is there someone at his PS that knows how to work with autistic kids? If not maybe you should look into it.
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Hi friends, thanks for repling. Well I tried as Victoria01, has told...1 day I just insisted he had to eat by himself  ..in a "big kid " way and mommy will not be helping him..but he ate just half of the food and ran away.I did feel sad, but I stuck to my resolve.Lo behold, next morning he finished his whole breakfast by himself..he did run around here and there..but thats ok. At least he ate his whole meal by himself, and has been consistent ever since.:)

I am really relived.Yesterday his teacher also was very pleased to tell me that he finished all his lunch by himself..she was proud of him too.

Thanks friends. like u said it may have been a phase and he has grown out of  it.

Thanks for helping me :)
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