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4 year old Anger Issues

About 3 months ago my son was kicked out of a daycare for behavioral issues, he was at this day care since he was 1 1/2 years old. He would not listen to the teachers, he would hit and throw things at other children causing serious harm to them. The teachers and the director of the daycare have tried several times to take control of the issue, but have been unsuccessful. In February, he was then kicked out and I had to place him in another daycare. He has been fine until now. Friday and Yesterday, we picked him up and was told that he has been throwing toys and food at the teachers and other children again. One child had is lip busted open. We asked him why he is doing these things and he repeatedly says, "I don't know" or "because" or "I want to be with you". We have strict rules have home and when he is done with his time out (facing the wall) he eats his supper then goes to bed for the night. He appears to be fine with laying in his bed in his room, because he doesn't come out or cry. We have only two more chances before the daycare will kick him out. We have gone to a family counselor twice and have done everything he has told us, but it doesn't appear to working. My son has never acted this way until now. He does have an older brother how is 6, which we have had no problems with him. What is the severity of our issues with my son? Is this controlable and how do I get him to act at daycare like he does at home?
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Have you considered ADHD?  The behaviours you have described are similar to those of children suffering from ADHD.  Just wondering ....
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Well my oldest son has ADHD but he never had anger issues. He is just really hyper and can't focus. The family counselor has not made that an option.
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just wondering if you ever figured out a way to handle your son back then? My 3 year old daughter is behaving in a similar fashion and it is only at the school not at home. Please pass on any advice that you may have found helpful! thanks
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Many of the common behavioral problems children have today are caused by the foods we eat and lack of natural nutrition. Things like MSG (http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=AA51A8495ACC6C7D961C8147BA774939) and the flouride (http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=334E16FC36C3F0E85D01623CDD970167) in our public water supply can cause behavioral problems for many people. And with children being 4x as sensitive to adults, pound for pound, these toxins can alter what would normally be more natural children behavior. Many people chalk negative attitudes up to normal, but these in fact are far from normal behaviors.

Try and notice if there are other symptoms that your child has in addition to poor behavior. Are they having trouble sleeping? Do these behaviors usually occur during a certain time of day? Also, it is very important to notice any physical changes as well. Is my child growing at a healthy height/weight? How is your childs skin? What do their bowel movements look like? Lastly, don't forget to know any cognitive skills. Are my childs speaking skills at their appropriate age level? How is my childs memory?

If there is nothing that is actually bothering the child (i.e. all basic needs are met, since you're even taking the time to ask this question it shows a love for the child meaning the home is probably a very over all healthy environment), then there are only 2 possibilities: 1) These acts are being caused by toxic food. Eating anything processed causes a huge change in moods and general well-being. Something like the flouride, for example, can cause a person to 'stop caring' and create insomnia as well as many other similar symptoms. I would recommend giving the child a completely raw diet/lifestyle. Lots of greens will clear the hazardous metals found in things like hydrogenated oils and can cause ADD & ADHD. While lots of vegetables will also work to alkalize the body, helping to balance out things like hormone levels that can contribute to behavior. Eating raw will also help balance out things like sleeping patterns, physical discomforts, and fight infections like candida and ear infections. ALL of which contribute to mental health!!

2) If you already feed your child health and nutritious (can only be considered true health if there are absolutely NO GMO's OR PROCESSED ANYTHING, and organic as much as possible! These things matter to true health ((the kind that cure/ prevents cancer and other illness)), then it will be something that needs to be remedies through nature. Sometime like dandelion for constipation, willow bark for chest pain. Www.abchomeopathy.com has a very excellent survey to find out what could be causing it (asks many similar questions to the ones I asked about, but more specific!) and what could help balance it out. (The average survey takes anywhere from 30-1 hr.) This site, however, can only provide possible solutions and it wouldn't be a terrible idea to consult are naturopath or homeopath to make sure. Also, the right equations will make a difference. Sometimes the remedy will call for applying so many drops every few hours, while others will recommend drinking so many drops after waking up and before falling asleep.

Research the alternatives and the truth about health and nutrition. It will literally change your life well enough to save it!
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