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4 year old boy behavior issue!?

My husband and i--who is not my son's bio father--and I have recently separated...times have been hard, adjusting to just me and my son who is 4, almost 5... Recently my son has had an obsession with laying on my stomach..like..whole body face down belly to belly on me..ok sure he wants to snuggle..but he seems to be getting more insistant and persistent about it..my mom has even noticed and mentioned it to me he does it with her too...she also says he will try and reach around to grab her boobs...mind you I did breast feed him too... But it's do random..he hasn't done that with me..he also calls little girls babe and hun, and she sees that as a problem?? Is it?! Should I be worried.im a first time mom I'm not sure how to take these behaviors.normal..?? No?? She's questioning me about it and like scolding me, but I'm not sure how to react. Help!!
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So, this is a good time for direct guidance.  You can tell him and he is old enough to listen about what he can and can't do.  Grabbing someone's chest?  Not okay.  Breast fed or not, not okay.  That is not respecting people's body boundaries.  So, teach him body boundaries. This is private parts, breasts, nipples of anyone, etc.  You can ask him NOT to do what he is doing to your stomach.  It's reasonable.  :>)  Cuddle with him in other ways.  He's certainly struggling with some changes due to the separation but just guide him with what he can and can't do.  If he will not listen, write us back!
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