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4year old acting up.

I'm 36weeks pregnant with my second child. My daughter used to be this very sweet helpful kid that always listens, but lately its like shes been acting out to the extreme.she doesn't listen, its like she intentionally does things she knows is wrong and wait to get fussed at.im like being stressed with this situation and just ready to give up. A lil advice would be very helpful, I have very little patience left.
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She is acting out because your pregnant. Most kids do. It's aweful and stressful but keep at it. Let her know it's not ok to do those things. And look up stuff about introducing her and her new sibling. Get her the baby doll sling and bottle and stuff. That helped a friend of mines daughter.
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I have 4 kids already and 3-4 to are the ages I hate. They are young enough to still be cute and sweet but old enough to wreak havoc. I spank though. I do time outs for most outbursts but there comes a time where you have to lay down the law. One open handed swat to the bum is a reset button at that age. By the time they are 5 or 6 you can reason with them but younger than that they throw tantrums to manipulate you into getting their way. As far as time outs, when their time is up I make sure to look them in the eerie and have them tell me why they got put in the corner so they have to say it in their own words recognizing the bad behavior.
The spankings & timeouts don't even work anymore. She goes back to doing the samething
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*eye not eerie
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