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5 Year old girl still wears diapers

My 5 year old neice still wears diapers.  Her 5th birthday was yesterday and I thought the deal was to stop wearing the pull ups.  All day and night she wears pull ups.  My sister was almost 40 when she had the suprise baby.  She has a 17 year old daughter whom has a 15 month old.  My sister has bipolar and lives out of state with her husband and 5 year old daughter.  It's not my niece's fault.  For about 6 months ago my neice lost her passy and my sister went and bought another one.  She uses it at night.    Is this neglect? Or what?  

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Have they even tried training her? She won't be able to go to kindergarten like that.  I don't think it's neglect, just maybe laziness, unless your niece is developmentally delayed.  She is (in my opinion) too old for a pacifier, too, but that won't really hurt anything as far as I know.  They need to step up and get her toilet-trained as soon as possible.
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Actually, having a pacifier that long will give her issues with developing teeth.  She may very well need braces when she is older
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TO the OP, I agree with maybe she's developmentally slow.

Have you spoken to your sis, SIL about your concerns?

Maybe there's something you don't know...

To the fetish diaper lady....wow.
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In my perspective I really don't consider that neglect. Other people may look at it that way when a 5 year old is still in pull-ups. I can understand them being used at night time mainly because it is harder for kids to get up to use the bathroom at night unless they really have the urge. Bed wetting is usually a big problem in young kids. However, I really think this child needs to be worked with to be potty trained. A lot of schools won't allow children to attend unless they are potty trained & if she is already 5 she needs to be in school soon. Her not being potty trained may put her back academically too with having to start late.
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This is totally normal. There is a 10% of kids that still use diapers from 5-6 years old.
Its not laziness, it's the child being ready to seperate themselves from familiar and comfort items.
My daughter is 6 years old and she wears a regular diaper size 6 to bed still. She wets the bed appox. 3 times a month, since we don't know what night it'll be, we play it safe and she wears them nightly.
But, recently I noticed that she likes to wear them. After her bath every night, I will put a diaper on her and read to her and tuck her in. This ritual makes her feel safe and good.
I don't mind it, it's harmless and when she is ready to let it go, then we'll let it go
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My 4 year old boy still uses diapers at night and at day time pull ups
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hi i am the mom of a now 13 year old daughter.we baptized her last year when she was 12 at easter vigil[catholic] and dressed her in the traditional white,poofy above the knees dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets and white mary janes.under her dress we did the standard cloth diaper,rubberpants and under shirt.she liked being dressed in the outfit and feeling like a baby girl for her baptism and the day.after that i put her outfit away and a month later she made her first holy communion and took the cloth diaper and rubberpants out of the box and told me she wanted to wear them under her communion dress so i put them on her again.after that she started wearing the diaper and rubberpants to mass on sundays and sometimes to bed and for special occasions.she told me she liked the diaper and rubberpants and wanted more and that she wants to be like a baby girl.i thought it was a phase she was going thru since she was in puberty so i got her more diapers and rubberpants and let her wear them.it backfired on me.she bought a couple of pacifiers and a baby bottle and started using them and is now wearing the diapers and rubberpants to bed every night and acts like a baby most of the time.when she gets home from school.she puts on a diaper and rubberpants and a tee shirt and uses her pacifier and lays on her bed and reads.i want her to stop being a baby and am hoping once she gets the puberty it will hit her that now she is a young woman,rather than a baby girl.
Must be a lot of perverts out there with this fetish as it's everyplace that talks about children, wetting, diapers, plastic pants and first confirmation. Must be a Catholic thing.
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babysmom,  there are a lot of people with diaper fetishes.  It's unlikely at this point she'll "grow out" of this - it's a fetish.  

There a part of me that wonders if this is a hoax somehow - I can't imagine dressing a 12 year up like an infant for a baptism.  It seems to me that this was written by someone with a diaper fetish,  but I could be wrong.
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