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8 Year old likes to poop in diapers.

My son who is eight likes to wear his brother diapers.  I found him going in the babys room and undressing himself and putting it on.  He went in the bathroom and was in there for about 15 minutes.  I didn't know what he was doing, and he didn't know I was watching him, as he walked out I asked him what he was doing in there and he said "Nothing".  Then I smelled it!  He pooped in The Diaper.  I told him come here, and i pulled down his pants and opened his diaper, and I see a diaper full of Poop and pee.  I yealled at him and made him go to his room.  I ask him why he did it.  He dosen't know.  Every so ofter I see him going in the babys room and grabing the diapers and running to the bathroom, sometimes i catch him but sometimes i dont.  I woulden't know he was doing this intil I smell it.  He walks around in the poopy diaper.  he sits on the coutch, and runs around in it.  I dont know what to do, he knows how to go to the bathroom and all.  Whats wrong with him.
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Sounds like he just needs some personal attention now he has a baby sibling.  I'd start diapering him when hes home from school in the afternoon and all weekend. Try giving him special baby attention and in no time he'll  out grow it.
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you can give him special attention without the diapers.
Lol you can't be serious.
The boy is 20 now.. it's been 12 years ago since this was posted.
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Don't yell at him #1
Be genuinely interested in why he feels like he wants to do this. How does he feel when he does it? Listen
Come up with a solution based on his answer, as long as it is honest
Behavior modify - tell him he is not allowed to do that and if he is seen doing that, that there will be consequences. Be firm!!!
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I would do the same but I would never know why
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