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My son is four years old. He was in four different day cares from 11 months to three years old. (Work location)  He is at home with me now, because I had a new baby.
He has a lot of great qualities.  He is a happy smart boy.  Energetic and Hyperactive.  He is really good in sports and manual things.  He is organized and nite.  He is funny. He helps a lot around the house.  He can be a really loving person.  He loves books.  He protects his brother and he is kind with him.
But I noticed on him a lot of anger and frustration over little things.  For example if he can not open his water bottle, or put his shoe or sock.  (I told him instead to get angry to ask me for help.)
He will explode and hit me or scream really lout.  Throw his toys.  (I told him to use his words and keep his hand to himself. I try to discipline him in different ways:  time out, spanking, taking his toys away or no TV time.)  
I noticed this is getting worse his anger always come back.  He wakes up really happy and in split seconds he will be really angry.  Also in playdates he will push his friends or hit them suddenly.  I need help!
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If you spank him he is using the same behavior to you,yelling and spanking doesnt work, What triggers his anger if he wakes up Happy what happens in those moments to him to make him change, does he have to rush around to do something or go to school,kids hate being rushed out of the door.Perhaps some Jealousy towards his new Baby, can you give him one to one time and get his Dad involced so they can do Guy things together.
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Thanks I really appreciate your advice.  I tried really hard to focus in the positive things of him.  He gets angry when you ask him to go pipi before he eats breakfast, silly staff.  Or change his pijamas for normal clothes to go to play.  
We start spanking him when he got used to time out and this was not a big deal to him.  We will stop the spanking, this is a way of agression and it is not a good example to him.  I will follow your advice.  Thanks.
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Thats good to hear Unolin accepting spanking doesnt work you have taken the first step to getting the problem sorted out, work on finding out what triggers the tantrums .Sounds like to me he has a great MOm with a caring attitude.
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