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Are there any over the counter medicines that can help?

My 2 year old is coughing and sounds congested. She has been vomiting after coughing lately. The vomit is clear with mucous in it. She does not have a fever. Her appetite has lessened and she is not as active as usual.
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If it is possible a trip to see the doctor would be better, if this has gone on for a few days , she may need something more than you can get OTC ..good luck
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I agree 100% with Margy..there are a few scripts the doctor can send her home with to help (she's most likely gagging on her mucus - my son does this when he gets the sniffles badly). Take her TODAY if you can so she doesn't have to suffer through the weekend, or take her to urgent care tonight so she can go back to eating and drinking - little ones can become dehydrated very quickly and all that mucus is draining her even faster, not to mention the vomiting.

as far as OTC....there are a few things you can try but I won't recommend them simply because they're all going to be pointless - either not strong enough or not safe for her age group.

good luck I hope she feels better soon!
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I third what they above posters said.  They used to say the OTC cough syrups and decongestants were ok, but now have stopped recommending them for babies that age.  Babies were winding up very very ill.

The only thing I know of that is safe is the baby vicks (and it has to be the baby vicks, not the adult one).  My son has had a very runny nose for weeks.  He has been to the Dr. a few times in that period and he is fine, just the runny nose.  So we have a cool mist humidifier in his bedroom and I use baby vicks at night to help.   The vomiting your little one is doing sounds like just mucus as opposed to a tummy virus.  The mucus is probably running down her throat...my little guy gets this too sometimes, particularly in the mornings.  The other thing that helps is saline nose drops.  Make sure you get the drops as opposed to the mist.  You can also easily make it yourself, just google it and the recipe comes up.  It's just salt and boiled cooled water.

These things help us, but again only after seeing the Dr.  Trying to diagnose little ones ourselves can be dangerous.  Good luck to you.
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