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Biracial Hair Help!

Hi! I have biracial twin girls. They are 15 months old, and their hair is a mess! It gets knotted so easily, and combing it is nearly impossible! I just don't know what to do with it... they are half black half white. I've tried a few different detanglers and gels, but they seem to be having bad reactions such as itchy scalp and scabs on their head from them..

Also, I know absolutely nothing about braiding either, and I was wondering how long a toddler's hair needs to be in order to braid it? I want to put it in just in small box braids.. maybe with some beads.. no cornrows or anything. I just don't know if it's long or thick enough.
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Honey, are there no beauty shops that serve a mixed-race clientele?  If you show up with cute twins, and explain your problem, I'm sure the stylists would be glad to give you help, product information, tips and maybe even lessons on braiding.
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I have no idea of any... I came from the city (Philly) to a small suburban area in Central Pennsylvania. There are really not that many hair places around that aren't chains though... and I don't want to just go into a salon like, "Can you braid my girls' hair?" then they laugh at me or look at me stupid because their hair is too short or too thin or something like that.
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Try a regular kid hairdresser if you can find one: surely they will have seen biracial girls before?
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Try calling around to all the salons.  I am CERTAIN that you will find experienced stylists who can help you, no matter how small the town.  A pal of mine has two African American children, and she tried to go it alone at first, cutting her oldest son's hair with scissors.  A friend of hers took one look and laughed, said "You've been cutting Craig's hair with scissors, haven't you? (giggle giggle giggle)," and then she came over with some clippers and gave my friend a lesson, and taught her about how to keep it picked and combed out so it would not knot around on itself, and all the tricks.  Someone at one of the salons will have experience and training to help you.  If there is a beauty-supply shop in town, you could drop in there and ask who is buying the products for African American hair care.

If you can't find any other help, get online and google "taking care of African American kids' hair" and see if you can find some UTube hairdresser or mom who has done a home tutorial.
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@ Target they sell a product called "mixed chicks". They have a website and a facebook page. My dd is also mixed and it works WONDERS on her hair! You can totally tell the difference between when i use ti and when i dont. Also, DO NOT BRUSH (or so i've been told because it breaks the hair)! Use a wide comb and comb through when wet ONLY. I get all the tangles out of her hair while she's in the tub and style her hair IMMEDIATELY after getting out. Lastly, i was told to look at the ingredients in the shampoo and conditioners. Anything with alcohol in it will dry the hair out... making curly&dry hair even worse.
I looked at everything online and found a few sites that helped me. These sites are mostly for hispanic moms w/mixed kids, but the hair tips are still the same....





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logigirl, that sure is great advice.
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