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Child drowning in pool

Just a yesterday, a nearly 3 year old boy drowned in his grandparents' backyard pool in my city.  This isn't the first such incident of this nature here (or anywhere, I know), and it won't be the last, unfortunately.  I'm in Canada and we don't have year round outdoor swimming here.  It's finally gorgeous out, people are opening up their pools...and these things can (and do) seem to happen.  

Not a lot of details were released on what happened, not that I really want to know.  My heart really goes out to the family.

Before I had kids, I loved backyard pools and probably would have purchased a home that had one - if the opportunity had presented itself.  Now, I just see them as being oh so dangerous, especially if they're not properly fenced or covered in such a way that a child can't gain access, and proper supervision isn't given to any children who may be playing nearby.  

One of my husband's sisters and her husbands just purchased a home with a pool, and I'm a bit nervous about going over there during the summer months when it's open.  Our oldest is in swimming lessons, but since he's only 3.5, it's more about getting the kids comfortable at this point, not teaching them actual "swimming".  Obviously, both my husband and I will supervise him and his baby brother very closely whenever we're there - or anywhere with a pool.  My SIL and her husband don't have kids yet.....she reassured me about the pool, saying it's only 5 feet all the way around (no real deep end).....which isn't reassuring since a child can drown in a bathtub with much LESS water than that!  

The thing that gets me, is that my SIL is a really nervous person and suffers from anxiety over/about a lot of things.  When and if they do have their own kids, I can't see her being relaxed about the pool either...she'll be worried sick about something happening to her own kids.

Sorry...I don't know if there's a real question here - I guess I just needed to get this out of my system!
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I think its good to speak out about concerns for the safety of children a lot have pools in California now there are accidents but most families have good security, you can have an  iron / Metal fence going round the pool that is kept locked unless you are in the pool area ,there are the covers that automatically go completely over the pool and are child proof. We always went into the pool area to supervise children even when they get older, we watched, we didnt snooze or read , we watched them .Its no use letting a small child in and thinking a teen will keep an eye on them they dont, they get distracted with their own activites. Its a matter of being responsible , I think most parents are , also if your child goes to pool parties, theres a lot here, you go and sit there or you ask and make sure the hosts have folks sat watching the children ...Thanks for the post ...
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