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Diaper rash...

Ok I've tried the Desitin and the A&D and baby powder, anyone know what else can make a diaper rash go away? DS has had one for three days now, and cries the most heartbreaking cry when I change his dirty diapers, because it hurts him....I don't know what else to do.
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I would try to use a cold wet cloth instead of a wipe. The wipes will burn the rash. Also, we use Aquafore for the rashes. If you can let him run around to air out the rash, that will do wonders for his bum. Also, I have heard of women using vagisil I think, an anti yeast to help clear up the rash. Good luck to you and your little one.  Oh, and warm oatmeal baths. If you can have him soak in these, boy it makes the skin soft and is made for diaper rash also. Aveeno makes one for baby.
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I've always used vaseline on and off if the kids get diaper rash, it seems to help a lot. Also use either a warm or cold wash cloth instead of wipes like kellym said. If you have the time, give him a bath in the morning when he wakes up and at night before he goes to bed, this really helped clear mine up after a day and a half. If it doesn't go away, or gets worse go to the doc because they can make sure it's not a fungal infection or a yeast rash and can give you prescription rash cream
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We have always used Triple Paste.  It is quite expensive, but our son used to get diaper rash so bad that it would bleed (lots of antibiotics from his ear infections).  You can get it over the counter at Walgreens or any other drug store.  It helps clear it up right away.  Good luck.
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Are you sure it's a diaper rash and not a yeast infection? They can sometimes be similar and the diaper rash creams won't help if it is in fact a yeast infection.

If it is a diaper rash, letting the baby air dry is always recommended by our pediatrician, but of course there could be a mess! A wet rag is a good idea as well. When my kids would get really nasty diaper rashes, I used any diaper rash ointment I could get my hands on, and then put Vaseline over it.

If it is a yeast infection, some Vagisil would do the trick. Good luck!
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Is it a rash or a really big red sploch around his butt?  

If it is truly a rash, there is a good possibility for yeast infection.  Our doctor prescribed a tube of Nystatin ointment.  It works wonders.  We don't use it unless it gets that yeasty look.

If it is a big red area that is irritated from his bowel movements, like diarrhea, his bottom could actually have a mild burn from the acid in his stool.  Wipe milk of magnesia on his bottom with cotton balls as often as you can.  This cools the burn and helps the skin actuall heal.  My pediatrician told us to do this when my son had a bunch of loose stools in a row.  

good luck
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wow the other posters left some good ideas and already touched over the possiblity of a yeast infection, however I used to use something called Bag Balm. It comes in a green can and you can even pick it up at the feed store. It is sold in most pharmacies and it works wonders on diaper rashes.
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Vaseline or yeast infection cream... make sure you put it on real thick & it also helps to let it air out a little before putting a diaper over it. Especially after bath time make sure the area is dry & do it then as well.
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I swear by Daktozin cream for nappy rash! I use it all the time on my 2 yr old !
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You could try switching to a different brand of diapers. I noticed that my daughter had a reaction to name brand diapers so now we just use the off-brand diapers. We also use the scent free wipes with aloe in them, otherwise she gets a rash. Using water only makes it worse. If the rash is really bad I would get some advice from the pediatrician. You could also try using Caladryl with Cortizone 10-plus over it. It works really well.
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