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Horton's hears a who

I took my sons to watch the movie and it was okay. This was the first movie I took my 2 year old to and he made it through the entire movie! I wish there were more good movies for children as it is fun going on dates with the kids to the movies. If anyone hears of any good ones let us know.
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I was a bit nervous about Horton Hears a Who. Not sure what you guys thought of the last 2 Seuss remakes but my kids didn't like them at all. This one seemed a lot more promising though and based on what you're saying, I think I'll give it a try. My son loves the book and loves the original Horton movie. Should be interesting.
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I didn't laugh that much at the novacane scene as I'm still like that  :)
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At my home, Thursdays are movie nights and during the summers, we go out in the backyard and screen a movie.   I bought one of those huge inflatable screens (it was only around 250.00), and we sit in the back yard and watch the latest movie release or something that I let my daughter choose.  I let her invite two friends over,  and they enjoy themselves eating their pop corn and candy and other treats.  It's inexpensive and still gives them the "at the movies" feeling. Children really appreciate things like this, and it's a good time to be able to relax and wind down from a grueling work week!
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I went to see Horton the weekend of the 15th with my son and boyfriend, and we all loved it. It's a great movie!
I went in expecting it would be a movie only my son would enjoy and that it would just be fun for all of us to spend that time together. In fact, I even wondered if I'd end up walking out of the movie with my son due to the fact that so many kids movies now have so much vulgar and crude humor, but Horton was a pleasant surprise.
It'll definitely be one that I get for my 3½ year old when it comes out on DVD this fall!

(I think I laughed the most at the dental novacane scene)! :-)
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wow!  2!  i didn't dare venture into the theatre 'till my youngest was 3, this past summer for ratatouille, matinee, afternoon when noone elso would be bothered by fussy kids.

my kids love the Seussical! musical, you should get the album if your kids liked Horton.  it's a broadway, with lyrics from Seuss, including the Horton story with little people on the tip of the pin, and going to court to support them
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