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How Often should a baby be taken out of the house?

My daughter isn't one, she is almost 3 months old. I wasn't sure where to post this question but this was the closest forum I saw. I wanted to know how often you take your kids out. The Pedi. said to take her with us when we go to the store and everything, but whenever I am taking her out her grandparents ALWAYS have something to say about it. I told them what her Ped. said and now I want some other parents in sight on the matter.
Thank you.
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You and your pediatrician are correct in this.  You can take your baby anywhere you go, it's fine at this age.
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Three months is a good age to start being more active with your child.  Just use common sense when it comes to things like contact with people.  I never used to let strangers get too close or strange people put their hands on her.  For some reason, people see babies and want to get way too involved.  Obviously if a person is sick, steer clear, but other than that, experiencing different environments is good for your baby.
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My first child was born in late December and our pediatrician told us to avoid crowded places like malls and she even said church.  I stuck to that.  The truth is that toddlers are much more prone to getting sick than tiny infants because toddlers are mobile and touch everything.  However, one sneeze in the wrong direction and you've got a sick baby with a young immune system.  I wouldn't go to extra places if you don't have to.  My second child was born in early Spring------  we got out more.  But he also got really sick at 5 weeks.  Nothing like an ill infant----------  it is truly terrible.  So, use your best judgement but use caution as well.  

With both our kids we told people (especially kids who always want to touch babies)--- to touch their feet instead.  It works pretty well and is good for avoiding germs.  

By the second child, you are used to germs.  But still be cautious.  good luck
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We take our son everywhere with us!  He was out and about a day or two after getting home from the hospital.    DH is a Stay at home dad, and goes to the store a few times a week with DS (he's now 21 months), and in the summer they go to the park every day.  We go to the Y for play time once he turned 1 1/2 and he loves being around other kids.  

When our son was 2 months we took him up north to a cabin on a lake with my in-laws.  We even took him house hunting with us at 2 months, etc.  He was everywhere while I was on meternaty leave!  Then when I wasn't DH took him to his mom's a lot during the day.

He's only been sick twice, and only one time it was more than just a head cold, and that time he got it from a family member, not from being out.

I would say, if your going somewhere you know there are sick people try to avoid it, otherwise don't worry what other's say.
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Our ped said it's OK to take your baby out in public at 2 months but no interaction with other kids till 3 months.  I was also taking dd for a walk since the day we brought her home.
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We started taking out son out at 3 days old. He went to the stores, to parks, to my parents' house. He has only had one cold in his life and he is 3 1/2. My pediatrician told us that as long as he doesn't have a compromised immune system, he can basically go anywhere we go (within reason).
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We brought our son out his first day home. I am a full time student and he went to classes with me 4 times a week when I returned to school 3 weeks after having him.
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