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Infant, Eyes Rolling Back

My 4 month old baby's eyes have been rolling backwards when ever she takes a bottle or sucks on her pacifier.  As we have seen it with her no other time, so the eye movement seems to be directly related to her sucking.  She has had a battery of tests done at the hospital, including CAT scan, EEG, spinal tap, blood test, all of which have come back okay.  The neurologist and pediatrician have temporarily diagnosed her with Duane Syndrome, although after researching this myself I do not believe that she has this as her eye movement only seems to be related to feeding, her eyes appear normal and her vision seems fine.  She is going to a pediatric opthamologist soon for further testing.  Has anyone ever heard of a connection of eye rolling to feeding??? Please let me know.
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I know babies and people in general can have their eyes roll when really sleepy and fighting it so maybe the feeding and sucking makes her really relaxed and sleepy and she's fighting it? Does she fall asleep soon after her eyes start to roll?
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My 5 month does the same, he has heart problems, at first I thought it was his meds but he jus looks really relaxed an does enjoy feeding. All I would say is if u feel something is wrong keep persisting to get an answer. My lads only jus started to do it recently (the eye rolling). his heart prob went undetected for sometime. He suffers with SVT's which is quite common in under 1's... the only way it was picked up was from my 8week post natal check, an fortunately he was having an episode at the time.
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