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Is this normal

My nephew is three going on four. I have worked with children from 6wks to 4 years in child care for 2 years and he is a puzzle to me. He will constantly ask questions (the same questions ) over and over almost like he gets stuck on repeat and even after you give him an answer he will wait a couple of seconds and ask the same thing again. Questions like where is your cat, when i tell him the cat is outside he asks why then after giving him the answer he will start back at where is your cat, He can ask the same questions for months at a time every time i see him. It is as if he doesn't understand what your telling him no matter how you try to explain it I have started to answer his questions with questions just to get him to get off the track he is stuck on. He also seems top be constantly whining which makes it very hard to understand what he is saying. The other issue in regards to him communication is he tends to struggle to express what he is trying to say and will often repeat a part of a sentence over and over. The other issue is he is constantly wanting food, he will eat breakfast then ask if he can eat again every time he sees his mother he asks whats for tea or lunch or just asking for food, he is not over weight but will eat more than I do in a day and still wants food. Is he just asking questions for attention? is that why he doesn't listen to the answer he doesn't really care about the answer just wants some attention? He also tends to walk into things just not looking where he is going. My family thinks its normal am i just over analyzing? Is this normal for a child his age. his Gross and fine motor skills are about on par developmentally but he doesn't seem to have any reasoning or retention skills. he can remember that there are lollies in the back of the cupboard behind the flour but cant remember that a month ago I re homed my kittens so every time comes over he asks about my kittens?
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it all seems pretty normal to me. i have a 3 year old going on 4 and she asks the same questions continuouslly. she eats all day, she never stops always seems hungry. aslong as everything else seems ok i think he is fine. does he respond to his name does he speak clearly. and if you think he is only looking for attention, sit on the floor play a game with him and see if he asks more questions the same question. kids forget easily what they have asked and what the answer is.
this boy is not going to understand about rehoming kittens. you will have to explain to him that you gave them to some other homes for other kids to enjoy. he sounds pretty normal to me. i have one the same and i find her quite exciting.
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C- "where is your cat" means "I want to play with your cat" or "I'm afraid of your cat,  I hope it isn't going to come in".   Repeatedly telling him where the cat is doesn't answer the question he really has.  What would happen if you said "she's outside.  Want to go find her and we can play with her?"  He'd probably stop asking.  

My kids ate all the time too.   Much,  much more than other kids their age.   Sounds like he has a high metabolism.

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