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Just A Happy Story

At the suggestion of a friend, just wanted to share our happy story!  Our precious daughter is actually my great-niece whom we adopted.  We tried to have children, but couldn't, having had 2 miscarriages and then I had to have a hysto in 03, the year "Angel Face" was born.  Her birth-mother preferred to be a drug addict and convict, as did her birth-father.  Her grandfather (my brother) has never been responsible for anything in his life which explains alot about her birth-mother.  He didn't want to raise her, my parents wanted to, and had custody of her, but being in their mid 70's, they knew that as much as they wanted to, they couldn't.  After I met her, we fell immediately for each other (she even started calling me mama; I didn't know what to say!) and then I came home and asked my husband if maybe we should adopt her.  He said, let's pray about it,; we did, twice, and, even without meeting her, he said YES!  We started the adoption in November, the same month I had gotten pregnant with the twins we lost (in 1995), and the adoption hearing was held in August, the same month the twins would have been born.  9 months.  She is our Blessing from God!  We've had her since she was 18 months old!  ;o)  She knows she is adopted and that she has 2 older half-brothers who are with their birthfather's brother and his wife  (I suspect drugs), and a younger half-sister (who is with her birthfather's mother.  But as it turns out, that birthfather (#3) was in a self-inflicted car accident after having a fight with said birthmother a month before the baby was born.  So, this poor lady lost her only son, and now, as the baby is growing, it is very obvious the birthfather was NOT her son.  Despite the obvious, she just that loves baby girl beyond anything else.  She's my age, single, and is a great Christian.  My husband, I and our daughter will be meeting her and the baby later this month.  "Angel Face" will get to meet her half-sister!  She's excited!  She understands she can't see her half-brothers; not so much because I won't allow it, but because their foster mother (they haven't been officially adopted - we feel it's because they get money from the state) isn't very nice and has been very crude in the past and I don't want "Angel Face" to be exposed to that.  After they are all adults, maybe then.  We pray for all of them, even she does.  Meanwhile, we're have enjoyed and are enjoying having her as our daughter!!!  Everyone comments on how happy she is!  We Thank God for her every day!
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It was so good to read your story and I am glad you have put it here for others to read, it is truly a sucess story and sometimes we need to read of them amongst all the Problems children have to face.it gives hope for the others out there not so fortunate, I have sent you a note , but wanted to let you know here that I have read this Post from you.Your Joy actually is palpable and has made my day.
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Thank you for the comment, margypop!  I didn't think anyone was reading it!  Things are really going pretty good.  I've started taking an antispasmotic medication for my RSD and I think it's helping, but I may have to up the dosage.  I have an appointment with my dr on the 30th and will discuss it with him then.  He and I had a real breakthrough at the last appointment and he is really working with me to see if there is anything we can do to ease my pain and suffering.  He's supposed to be seeing if there is a doctor out there who has a lot of interest in RSD and finding a cure/ways to help.  He should let me know at the appointment.  I haven't heard back from Anxiousgirl; I hope she's going to publish her book!  Everyone has a story to tell!!!
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This is a very happy story!! Thank you for sharing this with me! Just goes to show that wonderful things still happen everyday. What a blessing!!!!
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