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Mamas of toddlers need advice!

My son is currently a year and 5 months and after he turned a year he started throwing his head back on his high chair and whatever else was behind him. I've asked his pediatrician so many times what I can do to make him stop hitting his head like that because I was worried he would end up hurting himself bad to the point I would have to take him to the hospital and he would say was "it's normal, just don't pay attention to him". So today he was throwing a tantrum and slapping my brother & My brother told him to stop and tried getting him to stand up and my son threw his head back and hit himself on one of the bars that hold the bed and I'm just so worried. Spanking him doesn't help. Any mommies that have gone through this that can give me some advice?
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My one year old then used to do the same thing whenever he sat in his highchair.  I looked it up(along with other unusual behaviors)and all that kept popping up was autism. After speaking to his pediatrician, he was evaluated and rest assured, my son is definitely not autistic. Speak to his doctor please.
Oh I'm sorry, you've already spoken to his doctor.  Get a second opinion.
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You can always have him evaluated, but it's actually fairly common because they are learning how they exist in space. Doing gross motor exercises can help them be more aware of what's around them. Unfortunately, there's a reason toddlers tend to get a bit banged up. Mine cut it out after a few times- he bonks, I say "ouch" but don't pay it any extra attention. If he genuinely gets hurt he gets loves and kisses and we learn to control crying reactions, but dumb self-bonks just get "ouch". Now he's 2 and tough, picking himself up and shaking it off without tears. He doesn't bonk on purpose, but demands quick kisses for genuine owies. Hope this helps?
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My 2 yes old is the only one of my 3 that still do this. It is normal, he won't do serious harm to himself. Kids grow out of it by age 3. My 3 yr, 5 yr old did it too. They grew out of it and are perfectly healthy
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My 1 year old does the same thing when he isn't getting his way .hes throwing a Tantrum for attention ,that's all that is .so don't pay him any mind and he'll eventually see his efforts aren't working
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my 24 month baby just to do it and i didnt pay attention to her and she stop doing it
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This is definitely not something you spank or discipline for as that will only compound the problem.  :)  My son would squat down and bang his head on our wood floors and I learned then that this is not uncommon.  Lots of kids bang around like this.  For my son, though, he was later diagnosed with a nervous system issue called sensory integration disorder.  He was giving a jolt to his nervous system called input.  Wouldn't have been a shame had I punished him for it?  We did occupational therapy and found appropriate ways for him to get this input his nervous system was creating the impulse to achieve.  He's now 13 and an athlete, good student, good kid.  So, hang in there.  There is often other reasons why they do things that we can investigate if other things start happening or else, it's just the strange behavior of babies and toddlers.  Wrap something soft around where his head hits and try to be patient.  good luck
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