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My 2 year old closes up in school.

My dd turned 2 in July.  I just had another baby in April. My 2 year old says many words, but I feel like sometimes it's a struggle for her to talk. She does repeat things back to me.  She gets frustrated a lot, but there are times where she will tell me what she wants.  She is out goings everytime we went to social places and she will go up and say hi to people.  Well, I started her in school 2 days a week in August.  I wanted her to be sociable without mommy or daddy there.  I thought she was going to do good, but I was wrong.  I drop her off in class and she just stands in the same spot until the teacher goes and gets her.  She also squats a lot and ignores them when they call her.  They have not heard her speak at all.  The only thing they heard her say is mommy when I come in the room.  I  talked to the dr.  and she feels I should add another day. I switched her to half days too.  If there is no change in 2 weeks I'm taking her out.  I don't understand it.  This isn't my daughter.  I feel so bad watching her from outside of the classroom.  Has this happen to anyone else.   I really need advice.  Is there a jealousy issue with the new baby?
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My dd is pretty anti-social and the only thing that helped is more daycare.  It took her a LONG time to adjust and to start talking to her techers and other kids.  Daycare teachers can help socialize her in a smaller group.  Eventually she found friends.

We also talked to a behavioral specialist and she suggested prepping her for social outing: before we go anywhere I tell dd exactly what to expect.  I use dolls to show her other kids coming over and talking to her.  
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I don't think so.  It sounds more like social anxiety disorder, which can strike kids in school situations even when they are talkative at home.  Here is a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_anxiety_disorder
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