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My 2yr old has a limp, fever, loss of appetite; what it be?

On Friday, me precious 24 month old started limping and came down with a 101+ fever at the same time. Next day, her limping got worse, fever for worse, and her appetite went way down. Plus she was much less active (makes sense). Folks her to ER. And we've been here ever since. They've done x-rays, ultrasounds, urine sample, nose swab, blood work on Sat and Sun. Plus tons of physical and gait exams. We now have a MRI and lumbar puncture scheduled for today (Mon).

They say it doesn't quite fit leukemia, synovitus, infection, guillaim-barre, or anything they can think of yet. I'm a emotional wreck. Is this is bad as I fear? Anyone have similar experience where it didn't initially seem like the most obvious cause of fever and limp?
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You've probably figured this all out by now,  and have a diagnosis.

But I wanted to mention Strep infection can cause fever and limping.
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