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My 4 year old daughter say she is a boys and dont like girls

My 4 year old daughter says dat she is a boy ..she dont like girls ..she always want to wear boys dresses nikar and tshirt .She dont like to wear frocks ,hairbands etc. When we say her name ..she say she is a boy ..call me with boy name ..kaku or like her male friends name.She even cry and fights with us when we try to insist her dat she is a girl ..She has mostly male friends in her company and cousins  of her age are also male..She play with girls also but she refuse to accept dat she is a boy..What should we do?
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Okay, true story.  When I was about 5, I decided I would like to be a boy.  I had a cousin that I thought was super cool that was 2 years older than me.  He gave me his belt.  It had a big metal buckle with his name on it.  MIKE.  I wore that dang MIKE belt everywhere for several months with a football jersey!  It passed.  LOL  I'm a mom and all woman.  My parents never made a big deal about any of it.  You are inadvertently encouraging it by paying so much attention to it.  Ignore it. Let her say her name is whatever she likes, don't try to talk to her about it.  Just ignore it.  Time will tell but it very well could be just like my Mike belt.  A temporary thing.
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