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My almost-3 ds doesn't poo regularly

My son is 2 and for the past year he's had issues with being afraid to make a bm. And he isn't potty trained and this didn't come from an attempt to potty train. He just seemed to decide it was unpleasant, either gross or painful, and started holding it. We talked to the pediatrician, we gave him diabetic candy, laxatives, fiber gummies - and he generally eats a good diet for pooing. (He loves black beans.) The problem isn't consistency, it's that he just doesn't push it out when the urge hits him. For the past month and a half, I've been charting him. He poos now twice a week, and without discomfort, although he still does quite a little dance and gets upset. When we first gave him the fiber gummies, he went almost every day for a week, but then went back to his old routine. I'm figuring as long as he goes twice a week and isn't uncomfortable, that's ok, but I'd feel better if he went more often.
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It would be good if he went more but twice is okay too.  Have you tried to sit him on the potty??? Maybe he doesn't like the feeling of having poop in his diaper.  My now 3 year old trained at 2 years because she couldn't stand being dirty.  The training was quick and easy because of this discomfort.    
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I think Sasha has a very good point! you could explain to him that if he goes on the potty he can just flush it away. Maybe he's embarrassed to have you clean his diapers now? You never know, children are all so different. It's definitely not too healthy that he only go twice a week. Most children go at least 1-2 times per day. However, during the transition of potty training, it can lessen because they tend to hold it in for several reasons. It's great that you have charted when he has a BM. So the next step, I think, is sitting him on the potty and explaining to him that it's healthy and good to go every day. Reward him after wards so he will feel he accomplished something! Good luck!  
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yup. good points.. but really every child is different.. my child was just pooping only once a week months before. I tried everything I have researched but nothing worked. Maybe she already have a phobia of letting it out if it hurts or its really uncomfortable...
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