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My baby boy.....

My 2 year old has been sick on and off for about 2 months..... first he had a bad rash called (impedigo) spelling? then got a sinus infection then he got pink eye and now he is sick again...... His father just had his girlfriend and her two kids move in and that is when everything started! im just worried about him because since he was born he has been so healthy!! He has a temp of 103.4 he is burning up! i already put him in the bath and before that it was 100.4 so it went up! He is sleeping now! does anyone have any advise? please anything will help! he only wants milk but i know that milk is not good when they are sick but he wont drink anything else!
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same thin happened to my niece when seh started going to her fathers house and his roomate has 2 kids and she came back with diaper rashes dues to lack of changing, she did come back with pink eye too!!! thats what happens when you are around school kids...you shouldnt have given her a bath with a fever at all....thats why it went up. have you ever of sweating the fever out? it works....hold her and wrap her in a blanket till she is dripping with sweat,that gets the fever out...for real!!! and as far as milk goes,you already know thats bad and that makes the fever worse!!!! try to give just juice and water.say there is no more milk..good luck...but there is really nothing to do abou tthe child going to the fathers, just alwasy be prepared and talk to the father about it..the big kids need to try to keep there hands and all clean and germ free..thats the least they can do..but thats what happens when they area around bigger kids, but its not gonna happen all the time, your childs body will get use to it .good luck
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Same thing happens to my son, every time he goes to his fathers house. So i'm glad i moved and now he only gets the summer.

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