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My son will not eat??

Hi everyone, hope you are all well!

My 3 year old son completely refuses to eat! The only think he will/wants to eat is freezes, candy, and junk! He has gone about 3 days now where I can only get him to have a bite of healthy real food. A bite is all he will have, then its a fight...
Anyone have any ideas of what to do??
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Yes, there is pediasure that has lots of vitamins in it.  Also "Instand Breakfast" that is chocalate that you mix into their milk has lots of vitamins.  You could try yogurt, ygrurt smoothies (danimals), what about some sliced cheese?  You could try home made smoothies ----  here is a recipe:  get a bag of fresh spinach and take out a couple of leaves and chop fine----  place at bottome of blender (don't let him see it), then put in frozen strawberries (from freezer section), apple juice to just above the strawberries, a t spoon of sugar, some cinnamon and a banana and blend.  Super healthy and almost every kid I've offered it to drinks it.  Give it to him in a cup with a straw.     Have one yourself too.  Beans are a good source of protein, even mashed refried beans wraped in a tortilla with cheese (my picky eater eats lots of those).

Your son may have trouble chewing (mine does) and have texture issues (mine has that too)------  you just work around it and try to keep offering healthy things.  My boy doesn't eat any of the lunchables either----  the meat and cheese are really thick.  So try just little slices of cheese with some lunch meat ham on a plate.  Make it look pretty on the plate if you can.  (presentation helps) Don't supplement with junk.  Remember that home  made is always better for them.  Make a pasta red sauce for yourself and start by giving him some noodles (put some butter on it if you like), then put just a little sauce with no meat in it on the noodles next time and then you can add from their.  (and I put shredded carrot in my spaghetti sauce, I always slip stuff in when I can.)  

What about Campbell's chicken noodle soup?  What about mac and cheese?  What about a chicken nugget?  Those are all big items at my house.  

Anyway, keep trying and just don't give into letting him dictate his own diet.  You can serve things he likes that are healthy.  good luck  
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Thanks, we only have the freezes because a while ago he was sick, and now that I am pregnant its one of the only things I can get down, that being said I dont eat them around him...ever!
I also have a hard time with some fruits with him as well, he will only eat strawberries and sometimes oranges. If I can get him to eat its usually 'Mr. Noodles' or some pastas. He will not eat any meat! I tried once making him a grilled cheese sandwich (he like it then) and hid  ham in but, as soon as he saw something that wasnt cheese or bread he was done.
I try to give him other things with protein like eggs, nuts, and peanut butter but he just wont eat them any more.....?
Oh one thing that he will always eat is oysters, but I dont really know or think that they are the best thing for him to have every day.
I have even tried those 'lunchables' things, I know not the best but he refused to eat that to. I thought that maybe it would make him more into it if he could eat the pizzas that he made, no. I guess I will just keep trying until I find something.
Do you know if there is a drink or something with some extra nutrients it? Just so I know hes getting something....
Thank again
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oh yeah ---  the other thing with kids is you keep trying things.  They may not like it 5 times but that 6th time you offer it, they will.  So keep trying.
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First, do not buy the freezes, candy, and junk!!  Period.  Just don't have it and if he cries for it . . . well too bad.  That kind of food is a habit.  If he refuses to eat briefly, he will live.  No child has ever starved themselves because they couldn't have a cookie.  

I have a picky eater that doesn't love his vegis . . . so I give him lots of fresh fruit and the vegi's he will eat.  You can work around your child's likes and dislikes to provide a healthy diet.

But a healthy diet means providing the right food.  You set the example  . . .  So, don't buy the junk.  Slice up some strawberries, slice some bananas, peanut butter and crackers for dipping, noodles, apple sauce . . . all usual kid favorites.  It is a parents responsibility to provide healthy food and get rid of the junk.  So this is easy.  He won't starve----  I promise.  Oh, and don't let him fill up on milk.  good luck.
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