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Not gaining weight

Hi, my daughter is almost 3 1/2 years. My daughter is small. We went to wic the other day and they are concerned cause she hasn't really gained any weight. Now I am 4'11" and weigh 103 lbs. She is tiny just like me. They freaked me out and made me feel like I am a terrible mother. She is a very picky eater and she has many food allergies so I am limited two ways on stuff to feed her. She doesn't eat much snacks. She loves fruit and veggies. She is not much of a meat eater unless it is nuggets, turkey sausage, or turkey meatballs. I don't even want to go back there cause they made me feel so badly. I don't know what to do.
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What does her dr say? My daughter will be 2 in may and she is 20-23 lb. Sometimes she's a piggy some times shes not. Any way her doctor always says she is perfect. When my daughter isn't eating much I give her a pedia light shake that way she is getting nutrition and calories.
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The people at wic are not drs. Go by what your doc. Says. At that age kids are picky eaters..
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Hi there.  My son also was very small at that age (still is on the smaller side at almost 9).  BUT, he was always on his growth curve.  Did your daughter fall off the growth curve?  I think that is the only time they become concerned and that IS a little concerning.  Small kids to begin with often just stay on the low end of the growth curve but keep growing.  That is the case with my son.  He just wears size 6 toddler at almost 9.  Yep, he's small---  just got over 50 pounds this past year!  But he follows his own growth curve so is growing.

If your daughter has slowed and is below her own growth curve, they are just worried about her.  

What they told me to do when they wanted me to 'fatten' my boy up was to let him eat every 2 to 3 hours.  I did offer snacks all day long.  A cut up apple with some peanut butter is good, cheese and ham slices on crackers or just the cheese even, yogurt and blue berries, oatmeal with a little brown sugar in it, smoothies that I'd add protein powder to (here is a recipe, frozen strawberries from the freezer into blender, apple juice to cover strawberries, bit of sugar, bit of cinnamon, and a banana . . .  can hid anything else in it like protein powder and I've even put chopped fresh spinach in it!), etc.  Just give her lots of snacks on top of her meals.

No one thinks you are a bad mom.  They just were concerned she dropped off the growth chart if that is what happened.  Lots of people have small kids---  my self included.  And HE isn't my picky eater.  My older son who is now 10 is my picky eater.  I had to get creative with him but also at times demand he eat what the family ate.  But he has always been big and tall.  Comparison--  he's 15 months older than my younger son.  He is almost 5 foot and weighs 80 pounds.  He's solid muscle.  His brother that is almost 9 weighs around 55 pounds and is 48 inches tall. Same house, same food.  Just the way my two kids are built.  I didn't do anything to cause the difference, it's in their genes.  You are petite and likely are going to have a petite daughter.  Just try to work on keeping her on her growth curve.

good luck
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kricky, you have to realize that the WIC people are used to seeing mothers who don't care if their kids eat,  and homes where kids have no food whatsoever.  

You're not like that,  you have food and you feed her.  

Just understand that when they see a child not gaining weight they are used to mothers who don't care at all and don't feed their children.

You need to tell them what you are doing,  and what you feed her.  

I used to be a home visitor with new moms,  and it was  HUGE concern if they were bored by the fact that their child wasn't gaining weight - but we all understood that some kids just gain slowly and they have good moms and good home situations.  Make sure they know you are one of the concerned moms.  ;D
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