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Parenting a 2 year old boy

I'm a first time father and I'm getting overstressed in handling my 2 year old son. My wife gave up on disciplining him because she cannot take the demands, the tantrums and crying anymore so she lets me do the disciplining instead. He cannot talk yet so he communicates by crying and shouting "mama" to get our attention. Most of the time we cannot understand what he wants because instead of pointing on the things he wants, he will sit on the floor and cry instead. We also force feed him because he does not like eating a full meal; just juice, crackers nor chips. He would intentionally throw up if he really does not want to eat. Some times we have to spank him lightly on the butt or on his palms when he throw his toys on us when gets angry. We don't want to hurt him more than that but what should we do to curb his bad behavior and encourage him to eat?

Hope you can help us!
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Jonna,  you need more help than this board can offer.  

If he's 2 and he can't talk yet,  you need a referral to speech therapy.

If he isn't eating,  you need occupational therapy.  If he's only eating juice crackers and chips it sounds like he has sensory defensiveness issues.  

It sounds unlikely that he is intentionally throwing up on purpose.  You need more medical help.  

Best wishes.  
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I don't think medical help is required in this case. Some people equate discipline with spanking and punishment, but as many parenting experts see it, discipline is actually about setting rules to stop your little one from engaging in behavior that is aggressive (hitting and biting), dangerous (running out in the street) and inappropriate (throwing food).

First of all, pick your battles as a parent. Define what's important to you, set limits accordingly and follow through with appropriate consequences. Some behavior is preventable; as long as you can anticipate what will spark it and you create a game plan in advance, such as removing tangible temptations.

Whenever your kid is doing something he shouldn't, you've got to resist the urge to raise your voice. Take a deep breath, count to three, and get down to your child's eye level. Be fast and firm, serious and stern when you deliver the reprimand.
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Thank you Ashley and Zulema for your sound advice. He's turning three this month. Less tantrum but  more hyperactive. He can utter words if he wants to like mama, no, bye, llama but he mostly jabbers when talking to us. He's doing animal flashcards right now. Hope he will be talking soon.
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Just be extra patients, That's normal to kids that age.
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