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Poor attention span

My son is 41/2 years and has poor attension span.

He won't sit up and listen to stories on the mat at prekinder. He will lay down or look around the room and if he sees me (as parents pick up kids after story time) he will just get up and run to me.
He also will change the subject of conversation if he's not interested and talk over the top of you about something else.
He is very shy and will not stand up in front of other kids in a group unless made to.
He also won't listen to instructions and most of the time refuses to follow directions.
He will watch a whole movie from start to finish but will every now and then jump around on the couch whilst watching the movie.

Is this symtoms of attension deficit disorder??
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Children mature at different rates.  This sounds like a description of my child.  He is in 1st grade now, we held him back from the second grade this year, and just from Aug-Dec of this school year he has made a lot of improvements.  Just keep an eye on him, meet with his teacher and ask how he is doing with his milestones as far as eduction.  As long as he is on track with his class, then he should be fine.
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Sometimes kids love to be busy... Id say as long as hes learning and not behind in anything then dont jump to conclusions, ESP bc ADD is treated with pills. Seriously sometimes i wonder if my DD has it lol. They can be off the wall sometimes, but they are kids. =)
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Hi.  Oh, so true that kids are all different and all develop and mature at their own rate.  Somethings things like this go away all on their own and we've worried for nothing. Sometimes they do not.  It can be so hard trying to figure it all out.

My son had a very difficult time in preschool.  He would go and wander the room not really settling into any of the activities with some he would avoid completly.  He also didn't want to sit in circle time and would impulsly interrupt.  He didn't really play with the other kids.  He was better at home.  

As it turns out, my son has sensory integration disorder.  It is often confused for add/adhd as both are issues with the nervous system.  My son was mild enough that I didn't realize much at home until I was looking back and realized some things were sensory related after all.  What can happen is that a child goes to preschool and the enviroment has all of these other kids in it, noises, overhead light, bright things on the walls, lots of toys and action, etc. so that the brain gets overwhelmed and it is hard to focus on any one thing.  Kind of like if the brain were a train yard and all the gates hold the different lines closed while one train comes through . . . but if a mistake happens and all the gates open at once . . . you'd have chaos.  It is a little like that.  It is a processing issue with the nervous system.  We saw an occupational therapist for evaluation and then treatment.  Meds do not work for sensory.  You do what is called "heavy work" which is just really play.  Running, swinging, climbing, using muscles, deep pressure, jumping, etc.  We do tons of play activities and it "regulates" my son's nervous system.  He is now 7 and in the first grade and doing really well.  He can focus with the best of them now.  If you'd like some game ideas and activities that you can do at home that are soothing to an overactive nervous system, let me know.  I've spent three years doing them all with my boy!!!  

One note, watching tv for any length of time is actually not a sign that a child does not have adhd because tv can be mesmorizing.  Adhd kids get glued to the tv almost more than other kids.  

Alright, good luck.  Raising kids is a tricky job but it sounds like you are doing a good job!
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