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Potty Training...Any Advice?

So...I've potty trained before of course not my own...but children at daycare...My son is 2 years and 2 months...he takes his diaper off everytime he pees, and says when he poos and sometimes he even takes his diaper off and sits on his potty but nothing comes out. Now...

I began potty training yesterday with him...with big boy cars underwear..he love love loves them...So the only time he has worn a diaper was for nap and bedtime...Yesterday he had 3 accidents and 2 pees on the potty...and today so far he has had 2 accidents, 3 pees and 1 poo on his potty...he used to think it was funny to pee in his pants and so ive made a big deal about it all...when he pees his pants now he cries and goes and sits on his potty because i tell him where does your pee belong...he says in the potty and i say yes not in your car underwear..in your potty..now im just wondering do any of you have any words of encouragement or advice.. i feel a little overwhelmed with all of this too...how did you all do it and when?
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