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Potty training conversation with my Pediatrician

Frustration around potty training comes up a lot around here.  Yesterday, my almost 3 year old had a well baby appointment with our Pediatrician and she asked me if he was showing any interest in potty training.  He isn't really, and I wanted to share with you what she told me.

The first thing she said is not to worry about it.  We have chosen to not attempt to push the issue, and she said that was absolutely correct.  Toddlers are very into self control, and there are so few things they have full control of in their little lives, that pushing will only make things tougher.  She said to casually bring it up - asking if they would like to use the "big boy potty".  If the answer is no, drop it.  Keep it very casual and very light.

She also said toddlers respond well to making a game out of it.  She told me to get a bell and ring it, yelling out "It's potty time" in a fun playful voice.  Then race them to the bathroom, making a game of it.  I know my little guy will think this fun.  Reward for even sitting on the potty, even if they don't actually  use it.  My little guy likes to sit on it in his diaper, and he gets a sticker for that.  

She said to keep in mind that 3 is still young for many kids.  Potty training when a child isn't ready can be a very frustrating experience.  When you allow them to take the lead and make the decision it's time, the process happens very quickly, and you often spare all the embarrassing and messy accidents.  

Thought I would share as so many worry about this issue.  Don't worry - it will happen.
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