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Siblings playing naked doctor

I caught my 4 year old daughter and her 6 year old brother naked trying to put his penis into her vagina.  I separated them and questioned them, telling them that area is private and no one should be touching it, and that you should not touch anyone elses private parts.  My daughter explained that they were playing naked doctor.  I told them both that if anyone tried to touch their private parts, to tell them no and come and tell me or daddy about it.  The next morning, their dad caught them doing the same thing!  He was very upset because I had just explained to them the day before that it was innappropriate behavior.  They were both put in time out for not listening to me and then we told them again what was to be expected of them.  We also decided that for the time being that our daugter would sleep in the bedroom with us with the door locked to keep this from happening while we are sleeping.  I am concerned about my daughter because she is only 4 and has been using toys to masterbate.  She also explained to me that she had a dream that everyone was naked and having a party and that is where the idea came from.  I dont know what to do!  Should I be worried about her possibly being molested?  
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I don't even know what to say to this.  I am sorry no one else has said something, but I think talking to them more in depth where this idea came from and get further details as where they picked it up from.  I know kids are curious, but not to that extent.  Do they go to daycare or do they go to someones home to be baby sat?  maybe they found a porno somewhere and got the idea and thought nothing of it cause they were "playing doctor"  I would try and get more info from your kids.  And both you and your husband talk to them together.  Its scary to think about the things kids do and as early as they do it, i wish you all the best of luck in finding out where this idea came from.  If this was my son, I'd freak out too.. Keep me posted and again I wish you all the luck.
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Hey, i cant imagine what must of gone through your mind when you found them! You need to keep drilling it into them that its wrong to do what they're doing. Im from the UK, and here it is illegal for a boy and girl to share a room if one or both are over the age of 5!! So that things like that dont happen. May i suggest a 3rd bedroom?!
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I'd be wondering where they saw it, and how they know about things like this...I'd definitely start hunting for answers, children do things that they've seen done, and I don't think they'd do it by just thinking it up at such an early age.
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