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Suggestions for pain relief with 2 year molars?

Well, one is finally through, but the other top one is just pushing against the gum.  It's so red and irritated looking and my little boy is clearly in pain.  His appetite is way off and he is very whiney and clingy..not normal for him at all.  The usual methods of dealing with teething just aren't helping this time.  His frozen teething rings, cold wet wash clothes, etc. don't do it.  I guess because the teeth are so much further back.  I even gave in and tried orajel, but he hates it.  It really upsets him.  So all I have been doing is giving him children's tylenol alternating with childrens advil.  I wish I could give him a bit more relief.  Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.  Poor little guy.  
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Hey Adgal, How goes it.

My native remedy for these is applying bee's honey on the gum. It softens gums and makes it easier for the tooth to cut through. Eases the pain.

Hope your little guy finds a relief that works soon.

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Benoit has his 2 bottom back molars that are out... and we only discovered them out of the blues when he was laughing last Friday. Though we now suspect that teething may be why he bit his day care teacher last week lol!

I stopped using the regular Orajel after it made his tongue go numb when he was younger, that had scarred me. We switched to the Natural Orajel, the ingredients are more natural: you could give it a try?

Good luck!
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My little guy - 23 months old - had a very uncharacteristically "off" period a couple of weeks before Christmas....and at one point, my husband noticed molars poking through, so I'm pretty sure that's what was causing his clingyness, waking in the middle of the night, etc.  Seriously, the usually easygoing little angel was an absolute BEAR for days!

Once we realized what was going on, we started up with the infant acetaminophen (Tylenol) - haven't used Orajel since he was less than a year old because it's only really effective on the front teeth....it's far too easy to get the tongue instead when trying to reach teeth that are farther back, as another poster said.

I don't know how much more you can really do for molars, truthfully, other than being patient and giving them lots of snuggles.   I have seen teethers called Teethifiers (I believe) at Toys R Us that are supposedly designed for the back of the mouth.
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I don't have experience yet with the 2 year-old molars but in general, I really recommend Hyland's teething tablets - they seem to help Finn now that he is struggling with his first molars and eye teeth - yes all gloriously coming in at the same time!  Frozen mangoes also save our life - I put them in those self-feeding mesh bags and Finn can really get them to the back of his mouth. We also use the orajel natural - it is actually just clove oil and it does work but as a warning, it tends to sting for a bit before it works, which can be upsetting if Ryder is not used to it.  I also let Finn chew on his toothbrush, which seems to help.

And not to give you any more worry or stress, but I am now much more careful about giving Finn acetaminophren after reading some concerning new research that it has been linked to an increased risk of asthma in children and in pregnant women (great - the only thing that we are really allowed to take in pregnancy) - there was a huge story in the New York Times about it.  So ibuprofen is my go to drug now when things get really bad. I am not an alarmist by any means but this research is pretty compelling.  I will be asking my dr. about it at Finn's appointment next week.  

Good luck with the teething - poor Ryder.
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