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Taking Toddlers to the Dentist

My 3 year old daughter has a full set of healthy looking teeth. Her ped asked me if I had taken her to the dentist yet, but didn't say I needed to quite yet. How old were your kids when you took them to the dentist? I really don't think my daughter would cooperate with that quite yet.
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Hi ya, I have never taken my daughter to the dentist..She does not have bad teeth, BUT she got a big gap between her two front teeth. She got that from her father who has the same problem..They say it's a root growing there and it has to be removed before she could get braces..I know they will want to opperate on it and then they will put braces on. The doc told me that a child has to be 12 years of age before they can even start to think abuot opperating or putting braces. I would not allow them to do it sooner cause I had to wear braces for 6 years and it was painfull "let me just put climax on PAINFULL...
So I think as long as the little ones brush their teeth and keep them clean it's all good..lol
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My oldest was 4. He did really good, I was surprised. My youngest was 2 he has acid reflux and is on about 4 different meds so he has a few problems and I knew it when I took him. They go to a family dentist or pediatric dentist I guess is what they would call it on kids go, they want to go may I  add there is a playstation in the waiting room that is the reason and when they go back they get a headset and there is a tv on the ceiling. My two yr. old did great I really thought it wouldn't go good at all(he bites me when I brush his teeth and I have to hold him down have since he started getting teeth he is finally starting to get out of that phase. Another reason we saw the dentist so early I knew his teeth weren't getting very clean) Alot of dentist will not see them until they are a certain age. They only saw my youngest because of the problems he has.
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I just took my son to his first visit in August, he had just turned 3. I didn't think my son would cooperate very well either, but I found a wonderful pediatric dentist who only does young children and he was wonderful. My son is quite shy around strangers, but this man had him laughing and giggling in the chair and they even let him sit on my lap to make him feel more comfortable. All they did on first visit was make him open his mouth so they could see his teeth, which are perfect, (for now :)) He now goes back for regular check-up every six months.
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One of my sons was 4 and one was 3.  Here is something interesting----  my son has beautiful white straight teeth.  I mean, they are gorgous (if I may gush for a second about my son's teeth . . .).  So, at his second visit when he was 4 they did x rays.  First they tell me that his front teeth will probably come in crooked from how they were positioned (adult teeth under the babies) and then they said he had a place where a cavity was forming.  They showed it to me.  My kids aren't big sweet tooths and don't get much juice but we have a family history of being prone to cavities.  Anyway, I concetrated brushing (I brush first, then he brushes) on the area of concern and they've told me that it is doing the job and we are keeping a cavity from forming.  It's been over a year.  Anyway, it is true that you can't see what is going on with teeth a lot of the time as I would have never guessed.  And at the first dental exam in which they just look at them and brush them, they said they looked good.  The x ray told more.  You can wait a while still but by 4, I'd go ahead and bite the bullet and take her.  By  the way, my son has sensory integration disorder and is super picky about how things taste and feel----  dentists that work with kids are so gentle and make it fun that he has never complained at all.  They have videos that they put on during the exam and they wear cool sunglasses and get to pick a cool toothbrush after.  He likes it!  (not me!!!)
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