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Three Year Old Out of Control Please help

My beautiful three year olds behaviour has become vitrually uncontrollable. My daughter is very advanced for her age, she could walk completely by 8 months and speak in sentences before one of four or more words. She is a very lovin child who loves animals, and is very social she loves being cuddled and alwyas is even brutally honest. In the past month she has started being very defiant, throwing tantrums, hitting spitting in my face as well as other grandpa grandma step dad etc. She will not go to sleep until very late despite naps and relaxation techniques. She is very aggressive now as well as defiant, but is clingy and wants to be caudled like a baby for hours before she goes to sleep. She is not sharing with other kids now which she always did well at.SHe grabbed our dog by the tail and thrashed him around which she would never have done before. She has started to talk about death, and killing in her pretend conversations with her dolls. I am very worried. A little back ground when my daughter was three months old her father killed himself by gunshot to the head, 3 days ago was the three year anniversary. Also her great grandfather which she was very attached to passed three months ago on her birthday. I want my little princess back I have to be lacking in some area, I need some techniques to help her. Please.
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When it was the anniversary of her father's death was there a lot of talk going on was the whole thing around his death rehashed and she heard ..as that would cause anxiety in my opinion and acting out is the way it can manifest itself.Remove the dog away from her reach until she has learned not to hurt it., the other behavior is typical of a child acting out when upset. Has she had any younger siblings recently she may be jealous about?
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