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Toddler-Very picky eater

My almost 3 year old daughter will not eat any fresh fruits or vegetables.  She eats them baby food style only. As far as meat, she will only eat chicken tenders/nuggets, etc. She used to eat everything from fish to pork roast, vegetables galore, pizza, etc.  All that changed at about 2 years of age and now she only eats lots of dairy and carbs.  No candy, cake, icecream or any sweets for that matter.  She doesnt like them.  She eats crackers, pretzels, popcorn.....the saltier stuff.  I am trying to get her to eat all the things she used to eat but I dont want it to be a fight.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Has anyone had this happen where their child used to eat everything then became very picky?  What age did your child go back to eating all those foods?  
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Perhaos you are trying too hard and she has become aware it gets her lots of attention, how about putting some cereal with a few bits of fruit in front of her then go away about your own buisness,if you are eating at the table with her, eat yours and let her not eat ,dont comment on it like its no big deal ,after a while if she hasnt eaten take it away.She may get enough for now from the protein, how about Rice and pasta there are some great pasta shapes out there.Do Beans go down well there are full of Vits and Protein. how about peas sometimes they like to pick them up in their little fingers and stuff them in their mouths.and baby carrots, Yoghourt with small juicy Blueberries, grapes (cut up as they can lodge in little ones throats)Ton odf Books out there with ideas, and let her eat or not eat she will get hungry, by the way its very common for kids to gothrough this picky stage.
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