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Weight After Steroid Treatment for Asthma

My 11 month old daughter gained weight during her steroid treatment for asthma. She's been off them since about June and I was wondering if her weight would return to normal.
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I teach 5th grade and had a student last year on steroids and he ballooned. It was pretty crazy how fast he gained his weight.  Mom just told me that they found a good med for him and he's slowly losing the weight.
I know this is a bit different - 11 year old vs your 11 month old.
Hope it helps.

Best to you.

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I dont really think she will lose it because of her age. But yes getting prednisone (sp)or albuteral for treatment of asthma will cause weight gain. I was in the hospital sicker than a dog for a week. I barely ate anything and I came out 15 lbs heaveier because of the steriods:-( It took awhile but I lost it. I dont think your DD will but I could be wrong. She will slow down on her weight gain soon anyways. I dont think my kids gained much of anything between 12-18 months, lol.
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My daughter was using a nebulizer with 2 diff medications and one was a steriod.
It was for treatment of RSV cuz she had a mild case when she was 4 months old.
She was put back on them when she was 6 months old cuz we were still having probs with her conjestion.

I also noticed a spike in her weight gain both of those times.
Unfortunately the weight doesn't come off after treatment.
But they'll slim down as they get older and more active.

My daughters 12 months old now, and she was born a tubby.
Although she's still a tubby, she's slimmed down some since she started walking a few months ago and he diet has changed.

You shouldn't worry, he'll grow outta his baby fat!
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