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My going to be two year old was diagnosed with exzema shortly after the age of one. We have been potty training now for a couple months because its better for her skin and shes a really bright little pain in the butt. Her majority of outbreaks are on her butt cheeks which is where her current outbreak is and has been for almost three months now. I have doen what the dr said and limited baths to no more than twice a week and very short ones at that... and trust me she doesnt like that one bit. She would live in the tub if she could lol. I have tried the steroid cream but it doesnt work it just makes her immune system worse than it already was. hydrocortisone cream worked for a while but now doesnt have much of an effect. I am constantly lotioning what she calls her "itchy". I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions of new things that could work. I want to take her to the beach for the first time this year but am afraid that the sun, sand, and salt water would make it so severe I wouldnt know what to do.
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It could be a bit of yeast along with the eczema...try some Lotrimin or Monistat on the area and see if that helps some.  There is a combo cream of betamethazone and a fungal goo that is prescription...starts with a C, sorry, my brain doesn't work sometimes...that you can request from your doc that helped my dd's bum.  

We use eucerin cream 2x a day and 2 different steroids, Desonide (all over 2x weekly for maintenance) and Dexo....... (sorry, can't remember it, but it's a really long name) for her hot spots.

My dd LOVES the bath too.  Make sure you are using something like Cetaphil for the soap and nothing with dyes or perfumes in the wash.

Eczema is a PAIN.  We ended up at a dermatologist this past fall before we found something that actually cleared hers up (mostly).  We've tried pert near everything prescription and non-prescription.  
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My daughter is 12 months old. And I have a step daughter who is 9 years old. So basically for 8 years I have been in and out of doctors trying to find out how to help our oldest Sady, and praying that my daughter wasn't born with it as well, since we have been told that Eczema is an internal allergy and if the parents have allergies or it runs in the family, that typically the children will come up with it.  Well my daughter was born with it as well and the minute she got the patches, even though the docs didn't diagnose her until she was 6 months, I new what it was dealing with Sady. So I started treating her from two weeks old.
What I found, was first, you need to do the research and understand what it is. It's not a skin condition, its an internal allergy which can be caused from so many different things, from food, to air born allergens. I've had to keep logs of what the girls have eaten and been exposed to as well as washing and keeping everything they put on completely seperate, which means no dyes, perfumes, scented, or even soap. Basically citrus, grape, tomato based products, peaches, and Heat caused bad reactions to both girls. The reason we see it, is because the toxins are released through their lil bodies through the skin, just like if we had a reaction to anything.  Heat, over exposure to water due to dryness, and over dressing also bring it out with my girls.  
So what I found when Sady was 8 by going on line, because I was at my wits end, because the steroids, Hydro, Lotions, Creams, Vasoline, etc, all eventually gave up on her, and she ended up with scars due to scratching at night during sleep, and I was almost at the point of permamently sowing mittens on her cause it didn't matter how short I kept her nails, she found a way to scratch. ( not really but you get the point)  
Well I found this stuff called Free Derm. And it is kinda expensive, but I swear to you it works. Go on line to Freederm.com and you'll find it and it will tell you all about it.
For the amount of money I have spent on Creams and having special lotions mixed with steriods and doc appointments, I figured why not, what more do I have to lose. I was just determined to find something that could work, cause I didn't want my new baby to have to go through what Sady had. So I started using it on Sady when she was 8, which was 5/07.  By the end of June 07, she was 98 percent better. No joke. She had it really bad behind her neck, her legs, arms, tummy, face and head, and not only did the redness, dryness and cracking, and little bumps go away, it hasn't come back and today, I don't lotion her up, or really have to watch her nearly as often as I did before.
When my new born had it, I started using it on her at two weeks, cause there is NO steroids in it or aging effects like Hydro, and she is now 12 months and by the time she was 7 months old, she was completely cleared and I hardly do anything with her either. My Pediatrician was so amazed he asked me what I did, and I showed him fearing he would scolled me for not using what he was giving me, and he has checked into caring it at his office now. He was very excited and checked into the ingredients and was amazed that its such simple ingredients.  When you log on to the site it will tell you, why it's not in stores and so forth, to much to tell. Because that was my first question too.  
Anyway let me tell you what it is.  There is a jar of cream, a jar of moisturizer, and a bar of soap. ( Buts it not really soap)  
I applied the cream, that is not thick, greasy or pasty, in the moring when I dressed her on her whole body.  Through out the day as I changed her diaper, I reapplied the cream just to the areas that may of been red, or dry. I gave her a bath once a week with the Purple Bar, in luke warm a little more on the cooler side, water, cause she is half Samoan and white and already is hot blooded, but still a very short bath. When I took her out of the bath, I blotted her dry but not completely, I left her skin a little moist, then I would rub her down head to toe with the moisturizer, which kept her soft and smooth. In the troubled areas, which with her was the side of her face, back of her knees, tummy and back, I would apply the cream after about an hour or so of putting the moisturizer on or when I changed her diaper or clothes. I did this daily, and the other part when I need to give her a bath.  She went from red, pathcy and cracky to clear, smooth and moist.  She has the softest skin and she is happy, and Sady who is now old enough to do the lotion and routine herself, only applies the cream maybe twice a week, if she has been in the water or severe weather conditions. We live in Washington, so the weather changes a lot.  The rest of the time, she uses Ucerin or Lubriderm and she does great, she has some scars from the years of scratching, but all the redness, cracking and dryness is gone, and her self esteem is so much higher cause no one teases her anymore at school,  The docs told us that kids out grow it by 5ish, but she never did. And based on my infant I really believe in this product.  
Anyway sorry for the book, but I understand your pain, believe me, I spent may night crying cause I felt so bad for the girls, and felt helpless.  FYI  Ocean Salt Water Is a Very BAD idea for right now. It will really dry her out.  We are a Polynesian Family who visit Hawaii and Samoa frequently and poor Sady always came out of the water a mess within hours, so she got left out of water activities and sand often. But there is hope, because both of my girls go in the water and take baths just fine now. Mind you I still keep an I on the soap use and temperature just in case.
Take care and Good Luck!
The Fomai Family
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I have a 5.5 and 1.5 year olds that both have excema. We live in southern colorado and its is very cold and dry in the winters. I did all the steroids and creams also and they all seem to work for that break out but not the next. During this time of year what seems to work well is an oatmeal bath (I use aveeno) once a week, with lotion for extra dry skin in the am and at night. My oldest scratches his break outs so bad he will bleed, i use and anti itch lotion as soon as he gets up and right before he goes to bed. Just make sure that it is completely soaked in before you apply any of the creams, and make sure you use is dye free.
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We tried freederm when dd was around 20 months.... not much luck on that one for us.  It probably works on some cases, but not on our dd.  It is worth a try, though.  Nice product.
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visit a homeopathic doctor for ecezma remedies (several and applicable to your particular issues)... though, you will have to make radical dietary changes which are the general cause of flare ups....

we avoid lots of foods (all acidic foods, and dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, corn, nuts, some beans and nightshade veggies/fruits)  and use remedies and coconut oil with lotion on top... this all helps get to the root of the cause...

good luck...
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