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I have a 20 month old son and was told by my mother in law that he will most likely be slow because he doesn't talk very much he can say momma, dadda, Isaac (his little brother), what's that, What's this, doggie, nana, sissie (his aunt), and no and he understands pretty much every question we ask him. I was just wondering if he should be saying more or if he's good where he's at I think he's very smart personally but I want everyone's opinion
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He is fine. My son is 26 months and just started forming three word phrases. I was wondering why he didn't talk much a few words here and there. Then all of a sudden he was talking up a storm.
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Oh, mother in law's, don't you love them?  Mine gave her two cents on everything which was very unwelcome.  Once, when my first son was one and my second son was a baby, I told her that my second son, the baby was trying to roll over and I didn't want him to start doing that.  I was half kidding but in truth, the mobility thing is a big step up in chasing kids around when I already had a young toddler that I was fine if he was slow to do it.  She told me . . .   and I quote "you are retarding him and that is why he is slow.  He's going to be retarded because of you."  

Oh brother.  

Anyway, my son is fine.  Your child will also probably be fine.  The term 'slow' is old fashioned.

I have a son, my older one, who does actually have a developmental delay.  He had some speech issues early on and was a handful.  Turns out he has sensory integration disorder and some motor planning issues.  Well, that has nothing to do with being 'slow'.  He's 10 and takes gifted math and reading, plays sports, has friends, etc.  He's very intelligent so even if it turns out that your son is late to speak and even needs some help (my son did occupational therapy) it doesn't mean a child is 'slow' or will not have a great life.  

Ignore her.  If you become concerned about speech, work on it.  My son did a half day once a week preschool when he was 2.5 years old.  THAT is when I was told by his teacher that there were speech concerns and that is when we began working on it.  He is totally fine now.  peace
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My daughter didn't start speaking till after she turned 3. If you feel worried about it I would talk to your doctor and you can see about early intervention. If he is understanding you and communicating then our doctor told us not to worry. I did have my daughter looked out for speech therapy and even the teacher said she was understanding just fine so there were no developmental delays and that she could use therapy but just to help her put words together. Now I can't get her to be quiet  lol
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