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mental illness in 3 year old

My daughter just turned 3.  I truly believe she has some form of a mental disorder.  It's terrible but I definitely don't think she is normal.  She had severe colic when she was born - screaming several hours a day.  We tried everything to calm her down (car rides, 8 different formulas, stroller rides, vacuum, etc...).  We had a scan of her stomach at 1 month old and found nothing - except her stomach emptying time was slow.  This behavior lasted so long our Pediatrician said she was too old to have colic so the doctor diagnosed her with Acid Reflux.  She was on 2 different medications for Acid Reflux and it did not change her.  She no longer is on the meds.  At 10 months old she began holding her breathe until she passed out. She did this over little things - she was just mad and wanted her way.  Luckily, it has been 9 months since her last episode.  I can honestly say she has never cried.  She screams.  Her screams are extremely loud (painfully loud) and these tantrums can last 45 minutes or longer.  These "tantrums" happen every day and sometimes several times through out the day.  She becomes extremely aggressive - ramming the door like a football player, throws things, hits, kicks.  There is no rhyme or reason to her tantrums - she gets angry over locking the car window or a diaper change.  Minor things that didn't upset her 10 minutes before hand!!  I have a son who is 4 and several nieces and nephews and I have never seen behavior like this. She scares me when she acts like this.  Her behavior causes so much stress in our family and we do not know what to do.
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I just watched a compelling documentary about parents struggling to find out what was going on with their baby girl.  I'm putting the link to the website created by the parents. The page that will load is the father's journey. Please read the entire story.  You'll understand why once you're done.


(You'll probably have to copy and paste that into your browser)

I truly hope this might help. That website has the email addresses of the parents and other information that might be helpful as well.  Id love to hear an update if you get a chance, and I wish you the very best of luck getting a handle on this.  
Hello my name is Shauntasia booker and I'm trying to post my story about my 3 year old daughter that does not sleep in need of help badly so I was wondering if u can message me so I can talk about it
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Thank you so much!!!  I need all the help I can get.  I can't wait to check out the website.  Especially after tonight.  She had a major melt down and screamed for over an hour because we wouldn't let her watch a movie in the car.  I am exhausted from listening and watching her.  She really scares me.  I hate when my husband has to work late and I am home alone with her and my son.  I can't handle her behavior - the screaming drives me crazy!!  Again, thank you!!  I will let you know.  Take care!!
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How are her communication skills? I know this isnt something that parents like to hear but I have some insight on this particular condition I am going to tell you about. Have you ever consulted your pediatrician about the possibility of your 3 year old having autism. There are several levels of autism however this might be a subject you might want to google. Best of luck.
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I feel for you.  Currently a friend of mine is having trouble with her 3 year old son.  He is violent and mean and has been starting fires in the home.  He came to my house and kicked me in the shin and took out a large portion of flesh when he did it.  He grabbed a knife (steak knife) off a table in a steakhouse and before his mother could catch him he stabbed her in the stomach with it. He plunged the knife as far in as he could he nearly killed her.   She spent several days in the hospital and I tried to keep him during this time. Children's Service was blaming her intially but after interviewing him in my home they decide maybe it was the child and not the mother.  

She is at her wits end and I can only begin to imagine.  I love kids and have raised two of my own but honestly had he been here another day I might have been in jail myself.  He broke nearly everything in my house (or it seems like it) he broke 3 windows and snuck up in the middle of the night and was lighting paper towels on my gas stove.  It was 3am and he had been asleep for about 45 minutes and I thought it was safe for me too sleep.  He only seemed to need about an hours sleep a night.  I am no expert but this child has some mental illness going on as well.  
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I,too, wonder if autism might be the issue.  There is a best seller fiction book out this year "House Rules" by Jodi Picoult.  It describes a young man with Asperger's - which is a high-functioning form of autsim.  The description of your daughter reminded me of the lead character in the aforementioned book.  Please contact your physician for additional information re this topic.  I'm not an authority on this topic but I do know that the sooner the intervention and treatment; the better the prognosis for the child.  All the best ....
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