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my 4 yr old son is good in studies but i usually get a complaint from teacher that he is very nayghty n cant stick to his place. if i ask him to wish the other parents who r waiting for the bus he will not, he goes n stands aloof where ever i am standing just becoz i scolded him for not finishing his breakfast. he will cry more n behave restless when his father is back.he never follows instructions like go brush your teeth----i read ur article on this and as u said b firm ----i hav done all that but sometimes it works n sometimes it doesnt. i really dont know where i am wrong as i feel bad once he goes to school.
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  They do seem to wanting to test us at this age dont they , I am thinking that maybe giving him a choice of time to brush his teeth it sounds like he rebelling against being told to.Give smaller portions of breakfast then you wont need to scold if he cannot finish it all. I have also found that children do not like being rushed with their eating so give plenty of time for eating.In crying more when his Dad is around maybe he misses him when he is not there, its probably a normal reaction to cry more, get Dad playing sport games with him, board games I find children love all of the old fashioned board games .even at this young age .  Good luck, nothing stays the same he will be okay  ..and welcome to Medhelp                    
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