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my 2 year old will not poop...

My daughter Taylor is 2. For the first year of her young life she was sick...a lot! First we found out she was allergic to milk so we changed her formula to soy then went on to silk soy milk when she turned one. but the diareah did not stop. So we took her to another doctor and another...then another who finally tested her again and we found out that she is also allergic to soy. This was in January 2009. So now after almost a year of rice milk and a complete diet change she will not poop. She hides and crosses her legs to hold it. How do you convince a 2 year old to have a bowl movement?  
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If she is constipated from the diet change it may hurt her to go and you will need to talk to her pediatrician about a stool softener. Also make sure she drinks plenty of water and gets fiber in her diet.
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hi, my kids are constipated before.. My daughter poop just once a week.. Maybe they are really scared of letting it out because it hurts a lot.. just had been relieved until ju
ly of last year.. email me at sarah_mancelita***@**** thanks:)
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