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my 3 year old will not pottty train

Im trying to potty my son, he got taken when he was little but, I got him home again :). When he was in foster care the foster mom would put him in pull ups like a diaper...so thats what he thinks pull-ups are...a diaper. But, when I put him in regular big boy underwear, he will pee on the potty without telling anyone he will just go and come out and say...I did it mommy! Now, he doesnt flush, so I can check to make sure he does. But, my question is that my boyfriend (who is an only child with no kids) said that when he has an accident in his underwear I should put him in a diaper. I disagree with that. Hes going to make mistakes, and I think putting him in a diaper is regressing.  How can I potty train my son and what is the best method with out using pull-ups?  I got those plastic training pants, but my son wont have anything to do with them...he said they r loud and stupid lol.
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I HATE Pull-ups!  They are so horrible for some kids (my boy including).  Were still working on getting him fully potty trained, so I'd be interested to hear some of the "getting over the hump" tips.

What got our son to "know" when to go potty was to let him run around with no pants on.  He's figured it out and lets us know when he needs to go (although often times if he's in a diaper he does not think he needs to tell us).  We've put him in underwear but he seems to not be able to get them off quick enough.  So we've got him potty trained when were home and can let him run around with out anything, but when we go out, that's our issue. :(  
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I am glad you have your boy with you, thats great , you are right of course,yes he will make the odd mistake but that doesn't matter ,it will clean up, big boy hero under wear for him.Its also not about punishment all that would do is make him anxious .Just let him know to use the potty and make sure he gets lots of praise for being so clever and using it .You are Mom go with a Mom's gut ...  
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I have a son who is getting ready to turn 4...he was completely potty trained before his third birthday...I never punished my son for having accidents and I let him tell me when he was ready..he would wake up from naps and wake up from a full nights sleep completely dry..then I made going to the potty fun...my spouse and my son would go to the bathroom and "play swords" meaning they would both pee and cross streams with each other..it may sound a little gross but it worked my son would always come ask my spouse to play swords when he had to pee...and when it came to pooping in the potty I would first monitor when he was going in the morning then I would take him too the bathrrom and tell him to poop and see if he could slash his bottom from pooping in the "big boy potty"...if and when he did I gave him a bunch of praise and a couple pieces of candy..again he was completely trained before his 3rd birthday..
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