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my kid dont want to to eat.

my son don't want to eat very much inless its snacks. I try to feed him supper and he don't eat. I feel like im staving him. the doc said that he will eat when he is hungry and that he will be ok. I as a mom you don't want to hurt your baby so just to get him to eat I give him the snacks cause if he will eat I will give him what he wants. he as always has been like this even when he was a baby it was like he didn't get enough to eat.
help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate seeing my baby not eat!!!
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This issue is more your problem than your son's.  Your son's doctor is right.  Your son will eat when he is hungry.  Why are you giving your son snacks (junk food) when he isn't eating healthy food?  This is why the obesity epidemic is out of control!  You are not there to make your child feel good - you are there to parent your son, teaching him right from wrong.
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It's fine that you feed him snacks, but only offer him healthy snacks. Fruit, cheese, yogurt. If he refuses don't give in, he will not starve. Kids will eat what you give them if they are hungry enough. Perhaps he is getting snacks too close to dinner time.
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I give my son healthy food I try to give most of fruits cause that's what he likes more.  And it is a problem for me became I don't want him to go with out eating.
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