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my youngest son won't potty train

My youngest son is about 2 1/2 years old, he'll be 3 in April. I am having the hardest time getting him to potty train. I've tried everything I can think of ... giving him lots to drink before bed and then waking him up early to stand at the potty, waking him up really early and THEN giving him lots to drink while standing at the potty, letting him run naked (he asks for a diaper when i do that, or he'll try to put one on himself because he won't pee on the floor) I made a reward chart and have special treats for when he does do something good, I let him watch his brother and father pee standing over the toilet, I've made him SIT on the toilet and just wait it out, i've even tried putting cheerios in the water for him to aim at and letting the faucet run, and lastly, i tried pouring water over his privates- all to no avail  ...

I can't think of anything else to try! I KNOW he's ready! he tells me he pooped after the fact, because he doesn't like to sit in a poopy diaper. If i don't change him right away he'll get the wipes and a diaper and try to do it himself (I caught him laying down wiping himself with wipies naked), he goes all night without wetting or dirtying his diaper, he likes to stand at the toilet on the stool ...

My 4 year old was completely trained at this point and i had almost no trouble with him. now the little one is giving me a run for my money ... he just won't do it! does anyone have any advice on how to get the stubborn ones to at least PEE in the potty? I need HELP!!! he can't start head start in the fall if he isn't potty trained! i'm really worried ...
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All I can say is all kids are different.  Try not to compare him to your 4yr old...your 2 1/2 just needs more time.  It sounds like you're doing everything right, and now it's up to him...be patient, he may just walk right over and start to use it right before your eyes when you least expect it. They're ready when they're ready...
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You said it yourself, "He just won't do it" - it sounds like he CAN be potty-trained, but doesn't want to. What's more fun than getting all Mommy's attention by fussing over going to the potty??

Try giving it a break  for a week...don't even mention it. Then maybe start over and just keep directing him to the bathroom all day long. It worked better for me to say "time to go potty!" rather than "do you need to go? do you want to go potty? will you try it?" until I was blue in the face, lol. Sometimes they're just being stubborn because they can.
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