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potty training tips please!

Hey all I posted on here about month ago that I was potty training my 22 month old. He is continuing to do very well with it. Its been almost a month now of naked training. I keep him naked during the day at my home office and at night at home until bed time. He has been consistently had no mistakes on the floor for a couple weeks now. He is staying dry during naps but not at night, some nights the diaper is light and other times it is full of pee. I've tried putting him in regular underwear during the day instead of being naked but he either pees in it or runs to the potty and sits down and pees in them. How do I get him to tell me he has to pee when he has a diaper on instead of just going? I'm confused as how he does so good using the potty no mistakes when he is naked but when he is covered he's like well I guess this means I should go in the diaper and not the potty?

Any tips?
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My sister went through the same problem when she potty trained her son. He was fine naked, but the minute she would put something on him, he wouldn't use the potty. Her pediatrician said that her son (at the time was 28 months) was confused because she let him run around naked before introducing the underwear. She quit letting him go naked and made him wear underwear during the day. There were a few messes, but after a week or two he finally got the hint. :)
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Thanks I guess I'll just try it again! looks like I'm going to need to buy another pack!
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