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potty training!!!!!!

ok ladies this is maybe going to be the hardest thing to do.  I have a almost 2 month old son and I want to start potty training him now cause I my16weeks pregnant, so I want to try to have him trained before the baby gets here.
help me out what should i do?
how should I do it?

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I am assuming you mean 2 year old son. I think boys are harder to potty train than girls. I have two in diapers. A two year old boy and 7 week old boy. I thought the same thing and bought the 2 year old a potty. He however has no interest in it and does not mind having a wet diaper. We have tried sitting on potty and he will get up and go get a diaper. I talked to his doctor she said not to force it. When he shows an interest, stays dry for long periods of time, and does not like to be wet...then it's time to potty train. If you try before he is ready he may regress once baby is born.
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ha ha, yes,. Two months is a little young for potty training.  I had two kiddos really close together--  15 months apart.  What I learned is that kids will only potty train when THEY are ready.  This doesn't mean that you shouldn't try though if it is what you want.  I'd skip the potty chair completely ----  they make double work.  Those things are GROSS to clean out. Instead, get a toilet ring/seat for the big toilet and do that so it is in one step and you aren't cleaning out a kiddie potty (worse than a diaper).  Have him watch daddy go (although my boys did not start standing up until they were a bit older).  I had one who got potty trained at 3.5 and one a couple months older than that!  Didn't matter what I did but I found the more I wanted it, the less interested they were.  

good luck
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My son is two. Turned two in May and is fully potty trained. I bought him a potty and a potty ring and every time he went in his diaper I made sure to show him the potty and tell him he should use it. I wasn't expecting him to potty train so early but its been a great experience. He doesn't pee in his diaper at night and gets up to go during the night. I haven't had issues with #2 either. I think its just a matter of time. I would expose your child to the routine of using the bathroom. Let him watch you or daddy all the time. I never "pushed" him to use the potty but ALWAYS made sure to talk about it when he went in his diaper. Eventually he started doing it on his own.
Good luck!!!
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yes start!! i start mine around one year.  one kid was even night potty trained at 22 months.   the next one was more like 28 months.   both boys.  and now my girl is working on hers!! she tells me, and we go!! also, i bought a potty seat that is hard lined in.... it is part of the grown up seat.  it was about $30.  way easy to clean, and part of the seat already!!
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