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what are the behavioral concerns of a preschooler?
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From a preschool teacher of two year olds-

Anxiety separation- for the most part, moms are encouraged NOT to sneak out when baby is not looking- have fun/ be positive/play with them for a minute maybe with a puzzle for the first few days, then put child's hand in the teacher's hand with a smile, showing baby this is someone that mom likes and trusts - promise to be back "after nap" or whenever and BE there- of course you will be-

the biggest challenge for me as the teacher is having a student who doesn't obey- train your child to listen to your voice and respond to what you are wanting from them.
example: Stop and go games. red light -green light- this is very important that the your little one obey safety commands/ most of my students  stay within their boundaries and obey at this age. Yes, at age 2.......
if they are having trouble obeying try things similar to this- one one one time maybe at a table - no distractions - you want to train them to respond to you-
"give me the cup" looking at child- if he ignores you- "look at me" firmly with a smile- give lots of  praise when child obeys you..... "thank you sweet heart- good listening" use the words "listen and obey." Start with any little thing- no matter how simple- "touch your nose"... talk with teacher every day to see if they are obeying and if it is working- maybe sepnd a few minutes doing this with teacher if she has time to be with you two- then your child sees that mom wants her child to obey teacher also. Mom gives lots of praise when Johny obeys teacher's commands".

Boundaries- Child needs to hold your hand when going from point A to point B- tell them they have to..... it will keep them safe.

Teachers will appreciate your efforts and your child will have a great time at school.

Age 3- even younger 2's are taught manners- thank you, please, yes maam, no sir, excuse me, sorry. A wonderful habit to form early. Thinking of others and respecting other's feelings is all manners are- Preschool is to let your child realize that others love him, social interaction, and of course, hard as it may be to realize, that the world does not revolve around him/her.
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