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I know that it is very important to read to a child.  I love getting a book and reading to my little boy.  He will usually listen for about one page and then run off to play.  I can't force him to read with me.  I usually just continue to read the story while he plays with his toys.  What should I do?
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You didn't say how old he is?  I usually read to my daughter at bedtime after her bath when she was calm and sleepy.  Picture books are good so she could WATCH the story as I read it.
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Age is a big factor - how old is he?  I do exactly the same as crzychick.  Make sure the book is age appropriate as well.  The younger they are, the shorter the book, as their attention span just isn't that long at a young age.  My son is 16 months old and is more interested in chewing on the book than reading it, but I still try to read as much as I can.  My daughter just turned 4, and we started the bedtime reading when she transitioned to her big girl bed - around the age of 2.  She is more focused now that she is older. I think it's great you realize the benefits of reading and are "pushing" this, even if he isn't interested.  Keep at it - he'll come around!
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