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whats wrong with my 18 month year old? please help me!

i have a 18 month year old boy and he's not doing anything he's suppossed to for his age.  he was up to date on things til' he was about 6 months old and that's when it started i think.... he was delayed on crawling and i took him to a physical therapist who helped him do that than after that he is now 18 months and is taking like baby steps not walking like a normal 18 month year old should be.  He doesnt say momma or dadda or any othe words except "ya ya ya ya" and babble other words. sometimes once in a blue if he's crying he'll go "mum mum" but that's about it.  He doesnt imiate what i do at all.  when he was about 9 months he used to imiate me and clap his hands and stuff like that but doesnt do it anymore, even if asked ...    he doesnt self feed or point to objects.  he loves to throw things NOT in a temperment but just in general if i give him toys in the play pen he'll throw them all out.   I mean he's a happy go lucky kid he's quiet doesnt give me any problems he's a happy kid smiles all the time but i just dont undestand what's going on this didnt happen with my daughter whos now 6 she was on time for everything.  PLEASE HELP!  
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i agree with those who suggest contacting your school district. This sounds like more than a speech delay. There is definite reason for concern when your child loses skills. Sometime babies lose skills temporarily while they focus on aquiring other skills- doesn't sound like the case here. While there is a wide range for normal development, he should be self-feeding and pointing at objects. Even a child with a communication delay would be able to master that.
I'm sorry if i sound negative- it is not my intention. Instead, I feel it is important to get him evaluate ASAP in order to get him the help he needs. Early intervention can work miracles, and if help is available you should take it. Your pediatrician isn't concerned?!
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I highly suggest you get 2 DVDs. (They may have at your local library) They are called "Baby Babble 1"  and Baby Babble II...they are excellent for introducing first words and sounds...my son was the exact same way as yours at that age...I stressed about it for a while, but then I really started working with him.  Always read to them, even if they appear uninterested, they are listening.  Do flash cards, announciate words slowly to him.  Also watch Wheel of Fortune!!!  It's mezmorizing sp? to them!  My son learned the alphabet from watching that show.  All pediatricians are going to suggest speech therapy at a certain age if the child isn't reaching that milestone, but they fail to realize that all kids are different, and that doesn't mean they are delayed, they simply aren't ready...one size does not fit all!  Don't stress over it, really make an effort to constantly talk to your son and look at picture books over and over together.. repetition and consistancy is key  One day he'll start saying what you've been waiting for!!!!  Don't forget to check out those DVDs...they work!  Good luck!  
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I would talk to your pediatrician about this ...They should refer him to be evaulated by Early Intervention...I don't know where you live ...I live in NJ so we have Early Intervention if eliable they give what therapies he needs....
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I think you might want to contact your local school district.  It might be possible to have him assessed by some sort of early intervention program, at no cost.  I think the school could tell you who to call or where to go.  Early intervention makes a huge difference if something is wrong.  It is very important.
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For second babies the late side of walking is 18 months.  So, that being said, I would try to get him back in to the PT.  Have you spoken to his pediatrician about this.  If you feel he is regressing that needs to be addressed.  There are different diagnosis for just being delayed and actually regressing in things.  Second babies can be late bloomers b/c older siblings tend to do everything for them.  If you are having concerns and still worried about his progress speak to his ped.  You can't rely on a 15 minute doctor visit to say your son is okay.  It may just be that he's very laid back and stubborn.  But, to ease your mind you need to get answers.  And if there is an issue early intervention can help your child tremedously.
Oh, as for the throwing things, I think that's normal.  Especially, if after he throws them someone comes along and puts them back in the crib.  It's a fun game for him watching mommy pick up his toys evertime he throws them out!
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