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when is it time to tell your kids no

when you children are grown and on there own  and still wabt from there mom and dad , when is enough
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And still "wabt" what, time?  Money?  Love?  Attention?
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i am sorry typing to fast

i meant when your children are grown  and on there own and still want things from there mom and dad.
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Whatever you decide, be sure to favor all kids equally.  Nothing starts a fight among siblings than the hard-working ones seeing the parents bailing out the layabouts who have been irresponsible about their money.

My thought is, after a certain age, the kids are on their own.  Name the age and tell all the kids.  If it is a long time from now, all the better, so they're forewarned.  Parents should not impoverish their old age to give their children money.  

If what they want is help caring for children, I'd do it, but on my own terms.  
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I can well remember the day my parents said to me "the bank is now closed".  What a shock!  I was 21, living on my own and working and constantly borrowing money from them. I went through a few rough months as I learned to properly budget and take care of myself.  It was hard for me at first, but absolutely one of the biggest favors they ever did for me.  I think that once a child is finished school they should be expected to find a job and begin supporting themselves.  I don't mean they should necessarily have to suddenly move out and handle it all, it can be a gradual process, but i do believe one of the best things we can do for our children is help them become independent.  It sure made a difference in my life.
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